How to Define and Optimize Your Clothing Brand on Social Media
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How to Define and Optimize Your Clothing Brand on Social Media

We offer tips on how to define and optimize your brand on social media platforms.

Social media is a great place to make a name for your clothing brand, build a community full of brand advocates and reach a larger audience. 

Your clothing brand is on social media, but you're facing a dry spell or launching something new. Either way, we want to help! 

There are *virtually* no rules that close the door when it comes to clothing brands to getting creative and converting followers into paying customers. Well, there are SOME rules, but there is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to marketing your brand.

With over 13+ years doing this whole t-shirt printing thing, we've learned much about brands getting their messages into the world.

Here are a few ideas to help you define and optimize your clothing brand on social media. 

We wanted to take time to share some of the ways you can define and optimize your clothing brand’s social media-it’s pretty nifty.

Here’s the rundown:

Brand Storytelling

Using social media is an excellent method to showcase your brand's story using visually captivating content. All brands have a mission, and whether your brand is centered around a specific sport, cause, or culture, an implicit message runs through it.

Using social media effectively addresses questions about your brand's purpose, target audience, unique value, and differentiation through visual content such as images and videos. Although answering these questions may prove challenging, often, straightforward stories resonate the most with audiences.

It's only sometimes necessary to use many words to tell a story. Emotions can be conveyed through visuals. 

For example, you could share stories about the people who create your clothing or showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability.

Pay attention to the power of storytelling on social media for your clothing brand.

Brand Education

Utilize social media to inform your fans and followers about your products. Is there any information they should be aware of before making a purchase? For clothing brands, this could entail providing more details about the product, such as the fit and texture of a hoodie - is it snug or loose? 

Additionally, suppose you're using water-based inks on your custom screenprinted shirts. If that was the case, this would be an excellent opportunity to explain your production process, how these inks differ from conventional PVC plastisol inks and the advantages consumers can anticipate.

Even seemingly minor details could provide valuable insights crucial to developing a successful education marketing strategy on social media.

We can also nest posts regarding new product drops, giveaways, promo codes, and referral programs under brand education! Let fans and potential customers know what to expect and when.

Content Quality 

What we're about to say might be up for debate, but the beautiful thing about social media is that it's unnecessary to create the same quality content all the time. Integrating something captured on your phone with high-quality images or video is the way to go. Also, please don't allow your tools, or lack of them, to hold you back. Use what you have to your advantage and keep sharing.

When engaging with your audience, producing high-quality content is essential. This means more than just having high-resolution images or videos but also creating meaningful and relevant content for your target audience. You can drive product shares and increase sales by crafting purposeful content that resonates with your followers.

Remember to utilize your loyal supporters or establish a brand ambassador program via affiliate marketing to expand your brand's exposure and reach across various content platforms. Many individuals highly regard the personal experiences of others.

Easy Purchasing 

Make sure your clothing brand is shoppable on Instagram through product tagging. Your company can optimize shoppable posts by tagging your clothing brand's tees, hoodies, and other products to create an in-app shopping experience. 

Optimization can expedite the shopping journey, creating a memorable buying experience, stronger brand loyalty, and more sales. If you're new to this, learn more about why you should use shoppable posts and Instagram Ads for your clothing brand here.

It's essential to consider the number of products you tag in a post. Tagging too many products can overwhelm customers and make it difficult for them to decide. 

Although you can tag up to 20 products per post, be aware that this may cause customers to experience purchasing paralysis and potentially result in a lost sale.

For a smooth shopping experience on social media, it's imperative to streamline every aspect. To achieve that "smooth sailing" effect, signing up for a service like is recommended. This platform allows you to share your creations, curated items, and products on one link that can be used across multiple social media platforms. 

If a potential customer decides to leave the in-app shopping experience, this is a seamless way to redirect them to your site and continue their shopping journey. 

Update Your Products + Get The Ball Rolling

Now that you’ve learned about some ways to define and optimize your clothing brand’s social media channels, what’s next?

To keep your customers engaged and expand your brand, frequently updating your products with new and exciting options is crucial. 

If you’re in the market for incredible custom apparel, Real Thread offers a wide range of products that can be customized with eco-friendly water-based inks and custom embroidery. 

Ordering custom-printed t-shirts that are both stylish and comfortable has never been easier. Spread your brand's message efficiently and do it in style.

If you have a unique or specific request, our team would be happy to help you

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We take this custom printing (and your brand) very seriously. Talk soon?

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