How Custom Family Reunion Shirts Can Help Create Lifelong Memories
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How Custom Family Reunion Shirts Can Help Create Lifelong Memories

Planning a large family reunion? Custom tees are the wearable souvenir you NEED to order.

Family and custom t-shirts. You’d be surprised at how much these two apparently non-related concepts share.

When thinking about the typical family reunion, one would be hard pressed not to at least bring up the idea of some festive and commemorative t-shirts. While you could go for just showcasing the family name and a shoddy tie-dye job, high-quality custom t-shirts can bring so much more to the gathering — and can even become a lasting "wearable souvenir" of the time spent together.

The symbolism, practicality and opportunities shirts present in this situation can help reaffirm how special and important family is no matter who you talk to.

The Vin Diesel mentality

Vin Diesel quote "I don't have friends, I got family."
Vin Diesel would definitely order custom tees for his crew.

When you think of “family” what’s the first article of clothing you think of? T-shirts, obviously. And if not, by the end of this article we’ll convince you otherwise.

Hear me out: Families exemplify unity, creativity and community which t-shirts also share in spades. The parallels between the two are uncanny, which is why they’re the perfect fit for a gathering like family reunions.

Also, culturally the concept of family can vary drastically, but one thing remains the same: the presence of love and connection.

Reunions are times of reminiscence and celebration of outstanding feats. The smell of home-cooked meals. The ring of laughter that blankets the venue from young and old. The fact that a group of individuals of varying familial connection could not only stay close, but also all gather in one place. It’s incredible, but the logistics of it are enough to have anyone pulling their hair out.

Trying to capture these feelings of immense joy and nostalgia are many times an important goal during these gatherings, be it through pictures or video. What’s special about family reunion t-shirts is that they can accomplish this while lasting a lifetime and can be used to brag about how awesome your family in particular is (no shame in a little humble bragging). 

T-shirts just have that natural ability to bring people together. No matter the culture, organization or familial relation, everyone can love a shirt. They create a sense of belonging that many other garments can’t replicate, just like family. 

Big families require big orders

So you’ve finally got in some form of contact with every family member who can make it. Yes, even weird Uncle Tobias who only answers to carrier pigeon. You’ve gone through the logistical nightmare that is getting everyone on the same page despite time zone differences and schedule conflicts. 

The realization finally hits that there’s going to be a lot of people in attendance. So much so that you start to question the feasibility of getting custom t-shirts for everyone. Luckily, Tobias’s pigeons aren’t included. This is where we come in.

At Real Thread, the standard minimum size for any order is 20 units, so tackling such a large family gathering is no big deal. Bringing your vision to life and making big plans like family reunions possible is what we do.

The real difficult part will be on your end in gathering all of the attendees’ sizes. Luckily, we have a custom t-shirt checklist and t-shirt order form that’ll make this process more manageable and, dare we say it, even fun.

Custom family reunion shirts: a masterclass in learning about culture

Brainstorming family reunion shirt ideas creates a unique and equally beautiful opportunity to dive into your family’s culture. What defines your family symbolically? Is ancestry something they deem important? These are the types of questions that can be explored through family reunion t shirts.

While by definition culture is described as behavioral social norms, your personal family culture doesn’t have to be overly-complex. It can be as simple as a certain matriarch in the family being the cornerstone for each member, or a certain type of music that brings everyone together. Family is special and unique to every individual.

This uniqueness can come out and really shine in the family reunion shirt designs. Getting to illustrate the lineage is an opportunity that can’t be squandered. That’s why the Real Thread team is here to help.

Our teams are dedicated to guiding you through your design from inception to creation. Even if you’re having some difficulty visualizing your concept, we’ll bring it out with the help of our mock up artists. Visualizing and illustrating is really their thing.

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As you’ve seen up til now, family reunions can be stressful, daunting and beautiful experiences. Truly capturing the moment and commemorating such an event is so important in preserving every familial memory you can.

You have the passion, we have the tools to make said passion a reality. If you have any more questions please connect with our printing experts. 

Real Thread is about creating real connections and having the best possible impact on the world. What better way than showcasing what family really means?

Ready to get started on your custom t-shirt order for a family reunion or other event? We've got you covered, literally. Contact a printing pro today.