How Are Water-Based Inks Environmentally Friendly?
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How Are Water-Based Inks Environmentally Friendly?

Discover how Real Thread leads the custom apparel industry's eco-revolution with water-based inks.

In the dynamic realm of custom apparel, the spotlight has shifted to sustainability, transcending mere rhetoric to become a tangible commitment for businesses.

As a trailblazer in the custom apparel industry, Real Thread is spearheading this green revolution with a particular focus on using water-based inks in screen printing. 

This article delves into the manifold advantages of water-based inks and how Real Thread's unwavering dedication to environmental consciousness reshapes custom apparel standards.

The question is: how are water-based inks environmentally friendly? Read on, and you’ll get the inside scoop.

Decoding Water-Based Inks

As the name implies, water-based inks employ water as the primary solvent instead of traditional petroleum-based solvents.

Crafted with pigments or dyes, water, and other eco-friendly additives, these inks are NOT created with harmful elements like phthalates and PVC, positioning them as a safer and more sustainable alternative than conventional plastisol.

Mitigating Environmental Impact

We’ve been doing this since the very beginning in 2009. Real Thread's adoption of water-based inks is rooted in our significantly lower environmental footprint than traditional plastisol.

The manufacturing process of water-based inks generates fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), curtailing air pollution and potential health hazards for printing industry workers.

Furthermore, these inks are devoid of detrimental chemicals, ensuring safety for the environment and the individuals engaged in the printing process.

Energy Conservation

Real Thread's sustainability commitment extends beyond ink selection, encompassing the energy efficiency inherent in water-based inks. 

These inks necessitate lower curing temperatures during printing than their plastisol counterparts, reducing energy consumption and a diminished carbon footprint. 

We work to minimize environmental impact and contribute to broader energy conservation efforts by opting for water-based inks.

Biodegradability and Waste Management

Water-based inks excel in biodegradability, ensuring that printed garments leave a minimal mark on landfill waste.

Compared to plastisol prints that persist for centuries, water-based prints decompose more rapidly, seamlessly reintegrating into the natural environment. 

Real Thread's commitment to waste reduction aligns with our sustainable business ethos, offering customers eco-friendly apparel options that contribute to a circular economy.

Print Quality and Vivacity

Contrary to misconceptions about water-based inks compromising print quality, Real Thread is a testament to the fact that sustainability does not equate to sacrificing vibrancy or durability. Water-based inks deliver vivid, high-quality prints with a luxuriously soft feel, preserving the comfort and visual appeal that customers demand from custom apparel. 

Real Thread's meticulous approach ensures that environmentally friendly practices harmonize with printing excellence.

Employee Well-Being

Acknowledging that sustainability encompasses more than just environmental impact, we prioritize the well-being of the individuals involved in the production process. Real Thread fosters a healthier working environment by opting for water-based inks and eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals in plastisol inks. Real Thread is a beacon for the industry through this commitment to health and safety, demonstrating that ethical practices can coexist seamlessly with business success.

Educating and Empowering Consumers

Real Thread transcends the role of a mere custom apparel provider, assuming the mantle of educators and advocates for sustainable practices. 

Through transparent communication and educational initiatives, we empower customers to make informed decisions regarding the environmental impact of their custom apparel orders and encourage a collective effort toward a more sustainable future by instilling a sense of responsibility.

Water-Based Ink For The Win

Real Thread's embrace of water-based inks for screen printing encapsulates their dedication to environmental sustainability. 

This conscious choice is not merely a printing preference; it signifies Real Thread's commitment to steering the custom apparel industry toward a greener, more sustainable trajectory. 

As consumer awareness of the environmental implications of their purchases grows, our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices differentiates us and sets a positive example for the entire industry. 

Using water-based inks becomes a powerful statement, affirming Real Thread's vision for a more eco-friendly and responsible future in custom apparel.

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