Cool, Comfortable, Custom: Tips on Creating Perfect Lawn Care Shirts
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Cool, Comfortable, Custom: Tips on Creating Perfect Lawn Care Shirts

Your team will be looking sharper than a blade of grass in no time.

Fun fact: In a poll of 2,000 adults in the U.K., freshly-cut grass was voted the third-best smell in existence. Another (less fun) fact: that ultra-specific scent is due to the release of “green leaf volatiles,” and is, in fact, a distress signal sent from each damaged blade.

What do these facts have to do with custom t-shirts for lawn care? Basically nothing, but who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? 

For some, lawn care was a means of earning some walking-around money over a few sweltering summers. For many lawn care professionals, however, lawn maintenance is more than just mowing yards to buy movie tickets. Rather, it can be a rewarding and lucrative profession that promises a good sweat and a great tan. Given their hours of work spent in the sun, however, lawn care professionals need next-level sun protection — from protective eyewear to heat-ready clothing — to stay safe, and keep comfortable.

Enter: custom lawn care shirts from Real Thread. With a number of products available in sweat-wicking materials, lawn care professionals can keep cool and work comfortably — while also making your lawn maintenance business look good. With 20-item order minimums and durable, plastic-free inks, lawn care businesses of all sizes can confidently go custom with Real Thread.

Custom Lawn Care Shirts That Are a Cut Above the Rest

*Ba dum tss* Below are some tips from the custom connoisseurs at Real Thread to ensure that your lawn care business shirts stand out — while empowering lawn care professionals to operate at their best.

Go Light (or Don’t!)

Since the dawn of time (well, maybe not that long,) experts have suggested that wearing lighter colors in extreme heat can help to keep cool. The reasoning behind this is that light colors supposedly reflect sunlight whereas dark colors greedily absorb it. While the argument that black absorbs more sunlight and is therefore warmer sounds reasonable, there is actually some conflicting evidence surrounding this statement. With that said, custom lawn care shirt designs will likely stand out best when printed on light colors and earth tones as opposed to drab blacks and grays. Bottom line: when designing lawn care business shirts, don’t let the battle of light and dark keep you from the design of your dreams. 

Focus on Fit

While color may not have a major impact on the comfort and safety of lawn care professionals, fit definitely does. Loose-fitting clothing, in addition to promoting better range of motion, can help disperse heat and reduce the risk of heat-related injury. In fact, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) encourages loose-fitting clothing as a means of mitigating heat stress among workers. Comfort? Check! Safety? Check! More room for your lawn care business logo and contact information? Check! 

Let it Breathe

Imagine: spending a summer day doing yard work in the heaviest, most rough-and-tumble t-shirt you own. If that scenario conjures up a strong craving for a glass of ice water (or maybe a lemonade,) you’re not alone. While hefty cottons are undoubtedly durable, they don’t accomplish one crucial task on the lawn care shirt checklist: being comfortable in the blistering heat. Instead of printing on what is basically burlap, opt for one of the many sweat-wicking blanks from Real Thread. Designed to keep wearers cool while looking good, sweat-wicking t-shirts will make your design pop without sacrificing warm-weather wearability (say that five times, fast!). 

Show You Care: Steer Clear of Poke-y Plastics

Custom lawn care shirts can be printed on the perfect, sweat-wicking blank, with a slightly-loose fit, and an unbelievably eye-catching design, but become virtually unwearable if said design was printed using plastic-based ink. In addition to being less environmentally-friendly than water-based inks, plastic-based inks like plastisol can render a lawn care shirt virtually unwearable.—especially in the heat of the summer. Designs printed with plastisol tend to be heavier thicker, which means they stick to the wearer and, inevitably, leave a pool of sweat in their wake. The weight of plastic inks can cancel out a shirt’s breathable features, and plastisol’s lack of durability means that beautiful design may not be long for this world.

In a recent article, we outlined the full list of reasons why water-based inks are our go-to— it's well worth a read if you want to ensure you get the most life out of your lawn care business shirts. 

Get Started with Real Thread

If, after reading these tips, you’re ready to get started on some seriously sweet custom lawn care shirts, then we know just the people to talk to. Reach out to us! The pros at Real Thread have helped thousands of businesses and brands design drool-worthy custom gear, and our easy-to-use design tools allow you to view designs on any product in real-time — bringing your masterpiece to life before your very eyes. Whether you’re designing lawn care shirts for a fleet of professionals or a small team of weekend weedwhacker warriors, Real Thread is your go-to for comfortable and cool lawn care business shirts. 

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