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Top Picks: Work From Home Apparel
T-Shirt Trends
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Top Picks: Work From Home Apparel

Thinking about getting your team a work from home gift? Check out these t-shirt and fleece options.

When people used to dream of working from home, there was often one first thought that came to mind: “I could just roll out of bed and get to work –– no more having to get dressed and ready!

Seasoned work-from-home experts would beg to differ. When you any read advice column on WFH tips, it's almost a guarantee that "having a routine" will be the first piece of advice.

However, this doesn't mean you have to dress in standard office attire when you're working remote. T-shirts (especially of the super-soft variety) can totally be part of a Very Official and Professional routine. Be particular about the outfit you wear, and you’ll be able to blend comfortability and productivity.

At Real Thread, we (more than most, probably) value comfortability while working—whether in office or at home. That said, here are our top picks for t-shirts and sweaters/hoodies to wear while working from home.

Best WFH T-Shirts

There’s never been a more appropriate time to wear t-shirts to work. Well, if you work at Real Thread, it’s never not a good time, but we get that for the majority of you, going into the office typically calls for something a little bit dressier. But, the mass shift to WFH has loads of people leaving their button-ups in the closet and reaching for their best t-shirts.

That said, here are our top t-shirt picks for working from home.

💡WFH Tip: Try to establish a rhythm of getting dressed before starting work in the morning. Even if your attire is more casual these days, the act of selecting your attire and getting ready will help you get in the zone for work.

Next Level 6210

man wearing navy net level shirt

The Next Level 6210 has long been one of our most popular t-shirts. Made with a soft cotton/polyester blend, this shirt will be perfectly comfortable to wear around the house. It also features a slim fit, meaning you’ll still feel put together and polished enough to be productive.

This shirt is offered at a great price point, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to get some for your team.

Next Level 6610

woman wearing next level 6610

The 6610 from Next Level is the women’s cut version of the shirt we mentioned above, so if you’re ordering for both men and women on your team, you’ll definitely want to consider this option to make sure the colors all line up.

One thing to note here as well: women’s t-shirts tend to run pretty small, so we advise ordering one size bigger than what you would normally wear for this one.

Canvas 3413

man wearing yellow shirt

When it comes to t-shirts, you’d be hard-pressed to find one softer than the Canvas 3413. It’s made out of a tri-blend material (cotton, polyester, and rayon), which is widely regarded as the softest t-shirt fabric out there.

It also has a slim fit and an endless amount of color options, so you’re bound to be able to find a color match to fit your brand.

Bella 6400

girl wearing black acid wash shirt

The Bella 6400 has quickly become one of our most popular women’s cut t-shirts. Named the Relaxed Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, this shirt has a loose, relaxed fit compared to other women’s t-shirts, but still maintains a structure that makes it look put together, not sloppy.

It fits a wider variety of sizes and body types, so if you’re looking for a women’s shirt that works for everyone, this will be your best option.

Top WFH Fleece Wear

This extended period of working from home is the perfect time to send your team a custom zip-up, hoodie, or sweater to wear. Everyone is looking for ways to feel comfortable while working, and a new fleece option is the perfect choice. Here are our favorite WFH fleece picks.

Canvas 3901

man wearing green Bella Canvas sweatshirt

This crewneck sweater from Bella+Canvas is one of our in-house favorites here at Real Thread. Case in point 👇

The mid-weight sweater is slim-fitting and incredibly soft. If you prefer a crewneck to a hoodie, this is our top suggestion.

Independent Trading Co. SS4500Z

man wearing grey independent trading zip up

There is perhaps no company swag piece more foundational than the company zip-hoodie. It’s comfortable, yes, but what makes the hoodie so universally wearable is the versatility. Being able to easily put it on when it’s getting chilly or take it off as the weather warms up makes the zip-up a must.

The SS4500Z from Independent Trading Co. is one of our favorites. It’s comfortable, slim, and is offered at a great price point, making it accessible for all different team sizes and budgets.

Canvas 3749

man wearing black hoodie

The 3749 from Bella+Canvas is one of the more unique hoodie options out there. Its distinct crossover hood gives this hoodie a sporty, modern style, making it great for exercise (one of the few outside activities we’re allowed right now), and grocery runs, as it covers a bit more of your body (though you may still want to wear a mask).

If you’re looking for something a little less traditional but more on-trend, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Send your team a WFH gift

Are you looking for ways to help your team adjust to their new work from home life? We’d love to help! Real Thread will even ship to each employee individually, so you won’t have to worry about packaging and shipping to each person on your team.

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