A Closer Look at Women's Cropped Hoodies: Bella+Canvas 7502 vs Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP
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A Closer Look at Women's Cropped Hoodies: Bella+Canvas 7502 vs Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP

We compared two popular women’s cropped hoodies.

The options seem endless when choosing the perfect women’s cropped hoodie to customize for your brand or apparel business. The Bella + Canvas 7502 and the Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP are popular contenders for modern, stylish, cropped custom hoodies.

Both brands have earned a reputation for quality and comfort, but they have their unique features and characteristics. 

We’ve been screen printing and embroidering on all kinds of apparel since we opened our doors in 2009, and we can confidently say we know a thing or two about custom hoodies.

In this article, we'll compare the Bella + Canvas 7502 and the Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP to help you decide which cropped hoodie best suits your custom apparel needs.

Bella + Canvas 7502: Women’s Cropped Fleece


The 7502 is crafted from 52% cotton and 48% polyester- incredibly soft and comfortable. 

Available in 6 colors.

Fit and Style

The length of the 7502 is shorter than traditional hoodies. It typically hits at or just above the waistline, making it a trendy choice for those who want to show off high-waisted bottoms like jeans or skirts. The cropped style adds a touch of youthful and fashionable flair to your outfit.

This cropped hoodie is offered in women’s sizes S-2XL.


The fabric's surface is smooth and free from any texture, ideal for achieving clear and vibrant print results. It allows crisp and intricate designs to be printed without interference from fabric texture. 


Bella + Canvas places a strong emphasis on eco-conscious manufacturing. The 7502 is no exception, with the brand using responsible and sustainable practices in its production process. For those who prioritize sustainability, this is a significant factor to consider.

Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP: Women’s Lightweight Crop Hoodie

Independent Trading Co. is another popular brand known for its fashionable and durable garments. 


The AFX64CRP is crafted from 20% polyester and 80% cotton. It's another cotton/poly blend, but it’s a little different from the Bella + Canvas pick above.

Available in 2 colors.

Fit and Style

The AFX64CRP hoodie is designed with a contemporary fit that is comfortable and stylish. It offers a more tailored and form-fitting silhouette than oversized or boxy fits. This contemporary fit complements a variety of body shapes, providing a modern and flattering look.

“Our women’s crop hooded pullover is slim fit, extremely soft with a raw edge waist.”

It’s offered in women’s sizes XS-2XL.


The Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP is a favorite among those seeking a fashionable, comfortable, cropped hoodie. 

The hoodie's contemporary fit and cropped style provide a stylish canvas for custom designs. Whether you're adding logos, graphics, or text, the hoodie's modern look complements a wide range of design aesthetics.


Independent Trading Co. also values social responsibility and sustainability; you can read more about their initiatives here.

It’s always important to consider the environmental impact of any custom apparel purchase. Using eco-friendly inks and responsible printing practices can help mitigate the ecological footprint of customizing Independent Trading Co. garments.

Choosing Between the Two

The Bella + Canvas 7502 and Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP have unique strengths in women's cropped hoodies.

Bella + Canvas excels in sustainability and eco-consciousness, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize ethical fashion.

On the other hand, Independent Trading Co. impresses with its affordability and contemporary look.

Both options provide comfort, style, and versatility, ensuring you'll confidently rock your custom cropped hoodie.

When choosing between the Bella + Canvas 7502 and Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP, consider what matters most to you in a cropped hoodie. Whether you prioritize sustainability, affordability, or style, you'll find a suitable option that suits your needs. 

Can’t decide which is best for you? Don’t fret.

“I know a bit about these cropped hoodies now… what’s next?”

Choosing between these shirts should align with your style, intended use, and printing method. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you'll invest in a quality garment that will serve wearers well for years.

Ready to start your customized apparel journey? Connect with one of our printing pros today; they’re always here to help.

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