What to Know about the AS Colour Men’s Heavy Tee 5080 and the Lane Seven LS16005 Heavy Pigment Tee
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What to Know about the AS Colour Men’s Heavy Tee 5080 and the Lane Seven LS16005 Heavy Pigment Tee

Comparing the AS Colour Men’s Heavy Tee and the Lane Seven Heavy Pigment Tee.

Finding the t-shirt that's right for your custom printing job can be challenging. We've compared two great shirt options, the AS Colour Heavy Tee 5080 and the Lane Seven  LS16005 Heavy Pigment Tee.

Now for a quick, humble brag: Real Thread is the best in the business regarding custom apparel services.

Our company prides itself in offering customers incredibly reasonable prices, fast turnaround times, excellent product quality, free shipping, and even free high-resolution mockups.

Anyway, enough about us. For now, that is. wink

Let’s dive into the details of these heavyweight tees, shall we?

AS Colour Men’s Heavy Tee 5080

When looking for a relaxed fit to house your stellar designs, you will want to choose a t-shirt like the AS Colour Men's Heavy Tee 5080.

Let's look closer at the perks that come with this t-shirt.

Unmatched Color Selection

With 13 colors, you can choose the color most complimenting your design. If your design has hues of red, you can place it on a neutral grey or white shirt. If you have blue or pink hues in your design, you can put it on a brown or olive shirt. Whatever color you need, you can find it.

Wide Range of Sizes

There are sizes ranging from small to 3XL, so no matter what sizes you need, this shirt will accommodate almost all wearers. If you need to purchase shirts for a group, your entire group will likely be able to get the size that works for them.

Convenient Tearaway Tag

There's nothing worse than a shirt with an uncomfortable tag that itches your neck. This shirt ensures you won't have a scratchy neck anymore because it is equipped with a tearaway tag, making it easy to rip it out.

Relaxed Fit for Optimum Style

T-shirts aren't meant to fit super tight to the body. Fitted shirts have their place, but this shirt is more relaxed so that it can be dressed up or down. Wear this casual shirt with jeans or dress pants—either will work.

Lane Seven LS16005 Heavy Pigment Tee

Although there are so many reasons why you'd want to get the AS Colour Heavy Tee 5080, there are many reasons why you'd like to get the Lane Seven LS16005 Heavy Pigment Tee.

Nine Different Vibrant Colors

Whether you want a salmon pink shirt or a bright blue-ish purple grape ice shirt, you have a great selection of bright shades with this shirt. There's nothing more eye-catching than a colorful shirt.

Fine Stitching Details

When it comes to t-shirts, finding one with many unique details is crucial. This shirt has stitching details around the collar, on the sleeves, and at the bottom. These details give the tee a more sophisticated edge.

Many Sizes

Again, this shirt comes in a variety of sizes. The sizes range from XS to 3XL.

Which Shirt Should I Get?

Now you know little about the AS Colour Heavy Tee and the Lane Seven shirt.

We've been over several traits that correspond with each shirt, so now it's time to decide which shirt would be best for your custom apparel needs.

If you're looking for a shirt with over ten different color options, excellent quality fabric, tags that can be easily ripped out, and more, then you should get the AS Colour Heavy Tee.

If you're looking for a shirt with stitching details, a wide size range, and incredibly vibrant hues, then the Lane Seven shirt is for you. In sum, the AS Colour Heavy Tee and the Lane Seven Heavy Pigment Tee are both heavyweight shirts, so if you want your shirt to be high quality, both are great options.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

These two shirts are perfect for anyone looking for a heavyweight shirt to print their custom design. At Real Thread, we are committed to serving anyone who needs a custom shirt.

If you're the coach of a soccer team, a business owner, someone scouting out merch for a family reunion, or anyone else searching for custom tees, you can find what you're looking for with us.

The most important person involved in our printing process is the customer. That's why we're committed to listening to our many reviews. We have received tons of reviews from stellar customers,

In addition to being committed to excellent customer service, we are proud to have great products. The AS Colour Heavy Tee and the Lane Seven Heavy Pigment Tee are two products we stock that will impress. And if you're eager to check out even more of the tee shirts we offer, check out the rest of our selections here.

For Custom T-shirts, Choose Real Thread

Whether you order some AS Colour tees, the Lane Seven Tee, or another option we offer, you will surely be happy with your purchase from Real Thread.

If you have any questions or concerns about your custom order, reach out. We can answer any questions you have about the process.

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