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8 Inspirational T-Shirt Design Ideas For Your Next Shirt
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8 Inspirational T-Shirt Design Ideas For Your Next Shirt

Because custom t-shirts should feel good, and make you feel something.

Designing a custom t-shirt can feel overwhelming—especially if you're trying to break the mold a bit and create something unique, memorable, and impactful.

We see a LOT of t-shirts and custom designs coming through our shop daily—and we've gathered a list of some qualities that we've noticed seem to be a recipe for success when developing a t-shirt design that's sure to inspire! 

1. Black base garment, bold contrast

man wearing black shirt with front red graphic

2. Type mixed with geometric shapes


3. Hand-lettered designs

woman wearing shirt with white script front

3. Alternating big and small prints/locations on complementary gear


4. Front and center designs (big or small)


5. Photo-realistic prints


6. Big and bold on the back

man wearing baseball hat pulling the red brim down

7. Inspirational quotes

man wearing white shirt with text on front

8. Subtle tonal looks

man with long hair modeling a black on black shirt

Ready to start designing your next shirt? Reach out to our team and we'll have you on your way to an inspirational design of your own in no time.