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3 Ways to Use T-Shirts for New Customer Acquisition
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3 Ways to Use T-Shirts for New Customer Acquisition

If you sign up, you are automatically entered to win one of their t-shirts from Kyle Steed (an incredible designer in his own right).


Invision promotes that they never send spam and that you can unsubscribe at any time. This incentivizes visitors to join the other 700,000+ designers who have signed up to win a shirt from Kyle Steed.

By posting a contest in which visitors can win a shirt, you provide a great opportunity to identify new leads and begin communicating with them.


Edmodo, a social network that bridges the gap between education and technology, attends dozens of conferences in a year. One of things that makes them so successful at conferences are the t-shirts they use to drive traffic to their booth.

Most conferences booths draw in about 3% of the conference attendees. Edmodo’s booth brings in around 12% of attendees, largely in part to their use of shirts.

The t-shirts are a part of a prize wheel people can sign up to spin. Out of the many items on the prize wheel, the Edmodo shirt is one of the most sought after prizes.


Using t-shirts as prizes at your booth is an excellent way to engage conference attendees and make a meaningful impact with the attendee.


Fiction (FCTN) is a visual creative agency that gifts t-shirts to companies as conversation starters.

Fiction has put together an amazingly elaborate box of goodies, including t-shirts and hoodies. It’s one of the finest boxes of goods we’ve seen to date (and we’ve seen a lot!).

box of four shirts

The recipients of the care package rave over the shirts and usually end up requesting more. The boxes have proven to be a great conversation starter and reflect the quality of service that Fiction provides

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