T-Shirt Order Form

T-Shirt Order Form

A handy way to collect preferences, sizes, and more. Perfect for your company's "Head of Swag".

Perhaps there's no task more annoying or tedious than trying to track down everyone's t-shirt size. If you don't have a good process in place for this, you'll end up having to hound your friends or coworkers over and over again to get their t-shirt size before you can place the order, and it will be maddening.

There is, however, a tool that will make your life a lot easier when ordering custom t-shirts for your group: a t-shirt order form template.

Having a clear, easy-to-use t-shirt order form template will make the gathering and organizing of your group's t-shirt sizes infinitely easier, all while not holding up the order process while waiting for sizes to come in. That said, we've gone ahead and put together a t-shirt order form template for you, available for free download.

Once you have all your orders filled out, you’ll need some finishing touches. Get your order professionally folded and bagged so that distribution becomes a breeze.