No-Sew Face Mask Template

No-Sew Face Mask Template

This downloadable template includes instructions for making your own face mask out of an old t-shirt, plus a cutout to guide you through it. We also sell pre-made face masks here:
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Face masks are hard to come by these days, if you're looking for them in the store. So, why not make them from home? Download this template for instructions on how to make a protective face mask from an old t-shirt of yours, and a cutout to guide you through the process. And don't worry, no sewing is required. This is a face mask template anyone with a pair of scissors can make.

Need help figuring out what the perfect mask is for you? Have no fear. We have our very own face mask buyer’s guide to assist you through the process!

Keep yourself, your family, and those around you safe while we get through this COVID-19 thing together.

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