High-quality, custom church t-shirts for your members.

Give your members a way to represent your church wherever they go! Create soft, stylish, custom t-shirts for your congregation that rally people together behind a common mission and create the momentum essential to any church ministry.

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Design high quality custom church t-shirts for your members 

Give your members a way to represent your church wherever they go! Create soft, stylish, custom t-shirts for your congregation that rally people together behind a common mission and create the momentum essential to any church ministry.

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Not sure where to start? Below you'll find some of our most popular styles—tried and true garments that you can't go wrong with when designing the shirt of your dreams.
A girl wearing a tan church shirt that says "Beloved" on it.

Church t-shirts build community

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There’s a reason church merch is so hot right now! Call it a vibe or possibly even a brand; custom designed shirts for your church unite your congregation in a deep and personal way, allowing your members to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, a part of your church family. 

Church shirts provide a sense of belonging and build community. They are something that your members believe in and can wear proudly. They can bring people together, spark conversations and even build new friendships. They are something to stand behind or something to stand up for alongside other members in your congregation.

Easily design your church t-shirts online using our product builder. There’s plenty of products to choose from -- whether it’s for church volunteer shirts, church conference shirts, youth camp shirts, baptism event shirts or even church staff shirts --there’s a little something for everyone.

Don’t see a specific product/brand you’re looking for on our site? Let us know! Our online catalogue is simply a sampling of some of our most popular products—we are able to source most garments you’d want to use to bring your t-shirt designs to life.

Customize church shirts for your youth group, mission trips or church staff!

Your church shirt designs and messaging not only unite the members behind a common mission, but they are a great tool to bring the church's mission into the world visually outside of Sunday morning worship. Because they are great conversation starters, they provide a platform to speak from and can even make outreach a little less intimidating. 

They can also mark a moment. Customized church shirts are great for church youth groups, special events, church mission trips and even church baptism events! They are a tangible and lasting memory and a reminder of a life changing event in someone’s life. They are a great way to remember that special moment!

T-shirts can be used as gifts in the church too! Whether it’s new members or to promote volunteer sign ups. Everyone loves a free, well-designed, supersoft shirt!

Woman wears a grey shirt that says "welcome"

✨ Athey Creek connects members with church gear✨

"As the world becomes more and more digital, our church (Athey Creek) has had to pivot to reach more people online, and house-to-house in small watch parties. It’s been exciting to see the watch parties pop up all over the country, but this poses a different challenge. How do you make all of these people from different walks of life and different time zones feel connected as one church?

One way that we are doing this is through our Athey Gear. We have shirts, mugs, hats and even stickers. There’s something exciting about seeing another car driving down the highway with an Athey sticker on its bumper. Or running into someone at the grocery store in their Athey Women’s Devoted t-shirt. It makes you feel connected to something bigger, especially when everyone seems so isolated these days.

These Devoted t-shirts were given to all the ladies that attend our Athey Women’s bible study. It was a fun surprise for them, and they loved them! One comment we continually hear is how soft they are. These shirts are like butter!

We’ve been working with Real Thread for years now. We’ve always been pleased with the products they deliver, and we are big fans of their customer service. Joey makes the process easier than any other printer we’ve worked with, and we really appreciate that we are kept informed on the progress of our product along the way. We really want to make shirts that people will actually wear and working with Real Thread means we can be confident in the quality of shirt we are giving people, and that goes a long way!" -- Drew Fuller, Graphic Design at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship

A tan church t-shirt on a hanger. The shirt says "Devoted"
A custom church t-shirt with many words on the back. A girl is wearing it and walking.

How to start your church t-shirt design order

Ordering church shirts is easy! Check out our online design tool, which will make it super easy for you to upload your logo or design onto the shirt of your choice. Once you've submitted your order, our team will deliver a high-res digital mockup of your design that will show you what the finished product will look like. Once you give us the green light, your order will be printed and shipped. If you prefer to work directly with one of our t-shirt experts to bring your church shirts to life, contact us and we’ll have you on your way to  shirt design perfection in no time at all.

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Church T-Shirt FAQs

How much do customized shirts for my church group cost?

This depends on a few factors— from the design you choose to the garment you decide to print it on. Contacting one of our product specialists is your best bet for getting a more detailed and accurate quote for your project—they can work to find the best options to meet your design and apparel goals. You can also start a quote by heading to our online t-shirt builder.

What’s the minimum number of shirts I can order for my church?

Our minimum is pretty low at 20 shirts. Knowing how big the staff can get and how many groups there could be, there’s no doubt that the 20 minimum will be an issue! Trying to decide on how many of each size to order? We've created a handy-dandy Size Breakdown Guide that should help you out.

I can't find the product that I'm looking for in your product catalogue—does that mean you can't print on it?

No! We try to keep our catalogue as manageable (and un-underwhelming for you!) as possible, which means that we only add our most popular products to it. If there's a specific garment that you have in mind for your project, it's pretty much a sure thing that we can source it (or at least something very similar!), so just reach out to our team and we'll get you moving in the right direction.

Are sustainable garments available for all customization options?

You betcha. Looking to make your church apparel a bit more sustainable? All of our eco-friendly custom t-shirt options (as well as our custom tote bags & other sustainable products) are ready and waiting for you to customize.

Which church groups could I order shirts for?

You could order church t-shirts for any church group: youth groups, church choirs, church staff and mission trip groups can all use custom designed shirts, hats and other apparel at some point! A big part of church is creating a sense of community. Having a set of shirts to represent said community emphasizes that value and brings people together!

Could we order things other than shirts for our youth groups? Like hats or jackets?

Yes! We offer jackets and hats, along with custom hoodies and even embroidery! In all honesty, you name it, we’ll do our very best to make it happen.