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The Best T-Shirt Design Trends To Use In 2016
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The Best T-Shirt Design Trends To Use In 2016

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1. Custom Typefaces - It’s no secret that there has been a big interest in hand-lettering, and what we’re seeing people being drawn to this year is calligraphy. Modern calligraphy has been taking the design world by storm. This form of art can be extremely decorative or have a simpler look.

2. Specialty inks - Using a different type of ink when printing your design can create some interesting and different effects. Instead of using metallic ink or foil on the whole design, try using it on a small element to enhance the overall design and give it depth and dimension. 

3. Halftones - Many people use halftones to create gradients and fading effects in their design. A great way to switch things up is to use halftones to create an illusion of another color. By using a single sized halftone in an area, you can trick a viewers eye into seeing another color in your design.

4. Pantone’s Colors of The Year - Every year Pantone reveals its color of the year. For the first time they have chosen the combination of two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, as the color of the year. Try combining a warmer and cooler color on your next design. 

5. Negative Spaces - Another one of the popular t-shirt design trends is to incorporate negative space designs when creating your artwork. These negative spaces can act as another color and when printing this design on a colored medium, can create a cohesive feel to the design.

Now that you’re in the loop on popular t-shirt design trends for 2016, get a head start with our FREE resources to help you create your best shirt yet!