How to Save Money on Your Next Shirt Order (Without Sacrificing Quality)
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How to Save Money on Your Next Shirt Order (Without Sacrificing Quality)

If there are two things everyone loves, it's saving money and comfy clothes.

When it comes to customizing a t-shirt, your options are endless. If you have a small budget, don’t be discouraged; there are plenty of affordable ways to let your creativity run wild and make some banging t-shirts.

If you want to save money on your next order, here are a few things to consider:

Pick the right blend

If you’re looking for an affordable tee, there is no shortage of options available for your order. Depending on your budget, you can climb up to a more premium option, but even the base level shirts are going to be super comfortable and get the job done.

Your cheapest option is a jersey tee - a 100% cotton shirt. Cotton t-shirts are probably the most common type of t-shirts… and why wouldn’t they be? They’re super comfortable, soft, and breathable (all with an affordable price tag).

At a slightly higher price range, the poly-blend tee is a perfect option. If you want a lighter weight shirt and are willing to spend a couple extra bucks, this shirt will deliver. The shirt’s material is a 65% polyester/35% cotton blend.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, the premium fitted short sleeve crew or the premium cvc short sleeve crew can take your order to the next level. The premium fitted crew is 100% cotton shirt, while the premium cvc crew is a 60% cotton/40% polyester blend. Between the two, take your pick on what material works best for your fit and design needs- without changing the price.

Minimize print locations

It’s easy to get excited (and a bit overzealous) when it comes to designing your own t-shirt. When it comes to balling on a budget, it’s best to keep it simple. More print locations mean higher costs.

Even with only one print location, you still have plenty of room to express creativity through your shirt design. Whether it’s the back, front, or sleeves that you want to print on, you’ll still have plenty of space to show off great graphics.

And anyways, in recent trends, minimalistic designs are the trendy choice. Crowded designs can be hard to look at and make shirts look busy. A simple and blatant message can be beneficial to your message and affordable.

Keep color to a minimum

Although color can be a great asset in designing, your custom shirts can still be total showstoppers with only a couple colors. By creating simple designs with limited colors, you can cut ink costs and create a clean look.

Price restraints can honestly be a blessing in disguise. Branding that is simple (and therefore, cost-effective) can be more recognizable. When adding over a handful of colors, the simplicity of a design might be compromised. Don’t get tricked by the idea that less is boring; In the world of tees, less is more. Save money by sticking to just a few colors and ensure that everyone who sees your shirts knows exactly what they’re looking at.

Price breaks

Price breaks are possibly the best way to save money without sacrificing anything along the way. With the science of price breaks, the more shirts you order, the more you’re going to save! If you order more shirts and see a big price cut, you may even be able to add an extra color or location to your design.

A big price tag is the main factor scaring people away from designing own custom shirts. When you throw your awesome design onto a t-shirt and see that the price comes out to over $100, your first thought would be, “well I can’t afford that!” But that cost applies to when you order a single t-shirt. When you order 20 of those shirts, your price would seem much more bearable. Ordering 50 shirts would bring your price per shirt down even lower.

It may seem like a big commitment to increase the quantity of your order but doing so will dramatically lower your cost per shirt. Make sure to check out the price breaks for your order before you place it because you could be spending more than you should!

T-shirts, custom for YOU

At the end of the day, the t-shirt you design should fit your budget and your expectations. If you have an unlimited budget and want a top-of-the-line t-shirt bursting with color, we can totally do that for you. If you’re looking for a more affordable t-shirt with a simple design, we can do that too!

No matter what combination you go with, you are going to get a high-quality product that you’ll be proud to wear. As long as you understand what components are going to jack up the price of your order, you can let your creativity run wild and make the perfect t-shirt for you whilst staying in your budget.

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