Bella + Canvas 3001 vs. Gildan 5000
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Bella + Canvas 3001 vs. Gildan 5000

We compared two 100% cotton t-shirts to help you see which best suits you.

Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Safe bet you're looking for an awesome t-shirt to be printed or embroidered. Maybe you're a clothing brand owner, or your boss handed off the task of ordering matching t-shirts for your company's annual dodgeball tournament/chili cookoff/dance party extravaganza. Whatever your prerogative, you'll want an excellent shirt to suit your needs. 

Selecting the perfect shirt is quite a decision, but we're here to help you narrow things down and be well-informed on some of your options. Choosing the right colors, sizes, materials, and price points for you and your needs are all things to consider while deciding between different tees.   

So we decided to compare two tees: The Bella + Canvas 3001 and the Gildan 5000. These are both 100% cotton unisex tees, but they aren't the same. 

Being in business for over a decade at this point, we’ve got this t-shirt thing down to a science. Now we're here to help you learn the difference between these two and help you decide which shirt is best for you and your custom t-shirt projects.

Key Differences Between the Bella + Canvas 3001 vs. Gildan 5000

The Bella + Canvas 3001 and Gildan 5000 are similar but different. Both are super soft, 100% cotton short-sleeved unisex tees.

But there are a few notable differences between the Bella + Canvas 3001 and the Gildan 5000 tees.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of it all, the main differences between the Bella + Canvas 3001 and the Gildan 5000 are the color varieties and fabric weights. The Gildan 5000 is heavier than the Bella + Canvas 3001, weighing in at 5.3 oz compared to 4.2 oz. The Gildan 5000 is also offered in a broader variety of colors than the Bella + Canvas 3001. 

Both shirts are 100% cotton and high-quality garments and similar in price. There are plenty of color options for you to choose from between the two. 

Bella + Canvas 3001- Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

If you want some background context on Bella + Canvas, we’re happy to provide it. They’re a California-based company that values sustainability. Their company ethos surrounds the idea of working hard to minimize their eco-footprint and responsibly sourcing the materials they make their awesome t-shirts from. 

Let’s learn about the Bella + Canvas 3001- Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, shall we?


Color Choices:


If you’re looking for a thick, stiff, scratchy, boxy shirt, this isn’t it. 

Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton T-Shirt*

* Also known as the G500 and G5000,

All Gildan products are designed for screen printing and embroidery. They have a long-standing reputation in the apparel decoration industry. They recycle 100% of textile clippings from their cutting and sewing operations and 39% of their energy comes from renewable sources, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

The Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton T-Shirt is another excellent option for embroidery and screen printing.  


Color Choices:


The Gildan 5000 100% Heavy Cotton T-Shirt is well-priced, but don't think you're giving up quality for affordability. 

Unsure Of Which Tee Is Right For You?

After giving some product specs for both shirts, we hope you've better understood which 1005 cotton tee best suits you and your custom apparel needs.

Our product specialists are always here to help if you have questions about these garments or any tee on the market. We've been doing this for a while now, so we understand the plethora of products. 

Do you still need to figure out which shirt to work with? Good news: You can try both! You have plenty of options with over 100 fun and unique colorways. It all depends on your style preferences at the end of the day. The Bella + Canvas 3001 and Gildan 5000 are both great shirts- that we can tell you.

Till next time, friends.

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