Comparing Custom Hat Designs: The AS Colour Finn Five Panel Cap 1103 vs. The AS Colour Surf Cap 1114
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Comparing Custom Hat Designs: The AS Colour Finn Five Panel Cap 1103 vs. The AS Colour Surf Cap 1114

Read along as we compare two popular AS Colour hats, 1103 and 1114.

Designing a custom hat is a valuable investment for any brand. You might be supplying a team, planning company swag for a big event, or preparing custom merchandise for your shop. Naturally, the value of your custom hat is based on the style, comfort, and durability of the hat you choose to customize. This makes your hat choice equally crucial to your embroidered or printed logo design. But which is the best hat for your purposes?

At Real Thread, we like to make this decision easier by offering detailed comparisons of hat models available for customization. Today, we're taking a closer look at two distinct five-panel hats to customize by AS Colour. The first is the AS Colour Finn Five Panel Cap (1103), and the second is the AS Colour Surf Cap (1114). Each offers a unique style and experience while sharing the most valuable feature for cap customization: the five-panel design.  

Why Five Panel Hats Make Ideal Custom Hats

Five-panel caps are unique compared to traditional ballcaps because they have a solid panel across the front of the head, over the bill. This is the ideal canvas for an embroidered or custom-printed hat design without a seam down the center.

Traditional ball caps are six-paneled, with a seam running from the center-front to the center-back of the hat and another directly along the horizontal axis. While classic ballcaps can be embroidered and printed (and often are), five-panel hats are customized more easily without that interruptive seam. They typically also have solid side panels for easier side-branding or designs. 

The AS Colour Contestants: Finn Five Panel Cap vs. Surf Cap

From AS Colour, one of our favorite cap suppliers, we are looking at two distinct five-paneled caps offering a unique style, purpose, and wearer experience. 

The Finn Five-Panel Cap (1103)

The Finn Five-Panel Cap is a low-profile cap made of 100% cotton. The five-panel design comprises two half-circle side panels, a split top panel, and a solid canvas panel over the brow.

The unique shape gives the subtle impression of an English riding helmet with its otherwise classic ballcap design. You will notice two metal eyelets on each side and a gently pre-curved bill with six borders of detail stitching.

The Surf Cap (1114)

The Surf Cap by AS Colour has a far more classic ballcap shape and style but with a solid front panel instead of the typical six-panel design. It is also clearly designed for waterside fun.

Made of lightweight 100& quick dry nylon and available in vivid colors, the Surf Cap is ideal for water parks and beachside, lakeside, and riverside events. You will notice a button on top and eyelets around the crown like a ballcap with a slightly curved bill and eight or more rows of detail stitching.

Cap Material

Apart from the different five-panel shapes, the material is the main difference between these caps.

The Finn Five-Panel Cap (1103)

The Finn Five-Panel Cap is made with 100% cotton. This speaks to ultimate comfort and breathability while providing the style and a touch of elegance for indoor and outdoor events.

The Surf Cap (1114)

The Surf Cap is made of 100% quick-dry nylon. It is the kind of cap you can go swimming in, get soaked in, and it will be dry before the next outdoor event.

Available Colors

As with any selection of custom hats, color selection is a significant consideration. Both hats come in a flattering range of light and dark neutrals, while the Surf Cap comes in a few brighter colors.

The Finn Five-Panel Cap (1103)

The Finn offers mainly neutral classic colors, allowing your branded cap to become a stylish outfit essential for wearers. Comfortable with a uniquely semi-formal look, this cap is available in black, navy, mineral gray, storm gray, army green, cardinal red, and khaki.

The Surf Cap (1114)

Unsurprisingly, the Surf Cap is available in a wider range of high-visibility colors in addition to pastels and classic neutrals. This can make the cap ideal for outdoor and team events and apparel for emergency response teams by the waterside. 

Colors include bone, lime, lapis, powder, butter, ecru, khaki, fire red, clay red, hazy pink, orchid, citrus, eucalyptus, storm, Atlantic, navy, army, coal, and black.

Custom Cap Sizing

Like most caps, the Finn Five-Panel Cap and The Surf Cap are one-size-fits-all. They both come in a single adult size. However, the adjustment mechanism for head size variance is different.

Finn Five-Panel Cap (1103)

True to its classy style, the Finn offers a fabric sliding fastener to adjust the size rather than the typical plastic snap clasp.

The Surf Cap (1114)

Ideal for water activities, the Surf Cap offers a classic plastic snap clasp to size each custom-printed hat personally. 

Print Receptivity

One thing to note is that these hats will take printing differently due to the different materials. You should consult on the best way to convey your logo or design based on your choice of five-panel hat custom.

The Finn Five-Panel Cap (1103)

The Finn offers a solid 100% cotton weave fabric. It is sturdy, and embroidered logos will provide the highest quality, while screen printing may be a desirable alternative.

The Surf Cap (1114)

The Surf Cap is lightweight nylon and will likely not similarly stand up to heavy embroidery. However, its synthetic fibers may favor sublimation or more bulk-friendly screen printing. 

Which is The Better Five-Panel Cap to Customize? The Finn or the Surf Cap?

As you can see, the best choice in base caps depends on your custom hat design and plans. 

The Finn is ideal for a classy indoor cap that can become a long-term fashion statement and even brave business casual events. 

For outdoor events with swimming or waterside activities or just a great deal of sports, the Surf Cap may be your optimal choice to customize.

To learn more or consult on your custom hat designs, contact us- we’ll help bring your custom caps to life.

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