Get Your Custom T-Shirts Fast with These 3 Time-Saving Tips
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Get Your Custom T-Shirts Fast with These 3 Time-Saving Tips

Learn about 3 ways to quickly print your custom t-shirt and get it fast.

1. Have your design details ready.

When it comes to your design, submit everything exactly how you would like it to be printed. You should know where you want each design element printed (front, back, sleeve, etc.), how big you want each design printed (10” wide on the front, 2” wide on the nap, etc.) and what Pantone colors you would like to use or if you would rather use a stock color. Keep in mind the ink color will vary deepening on which t-shirt blank you decide to use. Submit everything with as much specific detail as possible.


2. Save and submit the correct file type. There are a few very important elements to submitting the correct artwork type. First, you need to outline your text. If we don’t have the font, it’s likely it will show up as something completely different and not transfer over as you would like. Next, save your artwork at 300dpi to produce a quality output. Images with a higher resolution will also have a larger file  size. That’s absolutely fine - you can submit artwork using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box. etc. Lastly, it’s very important that you save and submit an unflattened vector file - ai or eps. Adobe offers a full library of articles and tools to help get you started if you need help with that!


3. Know which shirt(s) and color(s) you want to print on and have your size breakdown ready.

There are many shirt styles and colors available to print on. Most of these styles come in a few different blends depending on the manufacture: 100% cotton, poly/cotton and rayon/cotton/poly (tri-blend). Using water based inks will leave you with a super soft shirt; However, understanding how the design and ink colors work with specific blends will be HUGE in achieving the best results for your printed design. Here’s a quick visual guide to blends that will get you more info. 

a visual guide to t-shirt fabric blends

Now, onto sizing. The two most important things for you to know: 1. who will be wearing these shirts? and 2. do the shirts you want to print on come in the sizes you need? Here’s a simple shirt calculator to get started and ensure you get shirts printed fast!

Each new design is considered a different order, so make sure you set it up for success each time! Check off these important steps as you work your way though this T-shirt Printing Checklist!

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