Simulated Process Printing
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Simulated Process Printing

Use sim process printing for designs with a lot of color blending, like gradients or photorealistic prints.

Simulated process screen printing, commonly referred to as “sim process," is our preferred method for printing detailed imagery that's heavy on gradients. It can be used on either light or dark shirts with ink color counts can be as low as 2, but that most often fall in the 6-10 color range.


Additional Turnaround Time

+3 days


We try to use all water based or discharge ink whenever possible. Some images are best done with our Bold water based inks. The separation fee is only necessary once per design. Reorders do not incur this fee.  

Pantone Colors

Sim process prints often necessitate custom Pantone colors to achieve the desired look, so consider that when pricing your order. Pantone matches run $20/color.

Garment Color

The garment color is an important consideration when deciding how we separate for the simulated process printing. If you plan on ordering multiple shirt colors or reordering down the road on a different shirt color, please let us know at that time and we can try to build the separations for those multiple shirt colors. Reorders on different shirt colors may need new separations if you don’t let us know before we separate the design the first time.


  • Qty
  • Separations
  • 100 +
  • $25/color
Turnaround time: