Tonal Printing
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Tonal Printing

Tonal printing is a subtle print style that is ideal for creating a more vintage look and feel to your shirts.

Tonal printing, a phrase we happened to have coined ourselves, is a recent technology that uses water-based ink to achieve a hue somewhat lighter (Tonal Light) or somewhat darker (Tonal Dark) than the color of the garment. It creates a very subtle print, so if you’re looking for something uncommonly fun that feels appropriately aged, tonal light or tonal dark will get you there.


Tonal light

Prints a hue or two lighter in color from the shirt color itself.

Tonal Dark

Prints a hue or two darker in color from the shirt color itself.

Preferred Color Choices

Tonal dark only works well on dark colored shirts. If you want a tonal dark color look on a lighter shirt, then you can either choose from one of our free stock colors, or you can pay an additional charge for a Pantone match.

Preferred Fabric

We happen to prefer how tonal printing looks on blends, but it will work well on any shirt (100% cottons, 50/50 blends, tri-blends, etc.). The heathered aspect of blends combined with the tonal ink lends a cool, vintage and washed look on a range of shirts and colors.


No additional charge unless there is a Pantone match ($20/per color).

Turnaround time: