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Foil Printing

Give your shirts some shine by including a foil print that’s bound to make you stand out in a crowd.

Foil screen printing is applied to your garments by first printing your design with a special glue. We then adhere the foil to the glue with our heat press. The combination of heat and pressure seals the foil before the excess is removed. The results are always sure to turn heads and create smiles.


Additional Turnaround Time

+3 days


Our standard available colors are gold, silver, black, red, blue, copper and green. Custom colors are available upon request, such as rainbow, swirl and other patterns at an additional cost.

Print Options

When most people think of foil, they tend to think shiny, but we also offer a matte application. Let your account executive know which option you’d prefer.

Foil is great for large bold prints. As such, we recommend using it when the design is high impact, but not in instances when it would be applied to finely detailed elements within a design.

Foil is an embellishment that can be used with our water based inks. The two are compatible, so it’s absolutely fine to print a design and highlight parts of the image with foil.


Foil is sent over on rolls (much like how aluminum foil is found at a grocery store). The rolls are manually cut into squares sized according to the design. Please note that we do not offer “all over” foil screen printing.


Properly-applied foil will last for a long while, but the shimmer and shine will fade with each wash. We highly recommend that you design with a distressed pattern to increase the lifespan and wearability of your foil printed shirts. If it's supposed to have a distressed look to it from the start, then it will be much less noticeable when your design begins to fade and crack over time. Due to foil’s tendency to break down naturally, consider how much of it you want to use in your design.


  • Qty
  • Price
  • 20 – 49
  • + $4.00
  • 50 – 199
  • + $2.00
  • 200 – 999
  • + $1.75
  • 1000 +
  • + $1.50
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