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Hem Tag Templates
Tag Templates

Hem Tag Templates

Time to stylize the way you rep your brand through hem tags.

Choose from a variety of folds to create t-shirt hem tags in a size that best fits your brand. T-shirt labeling with a woven tag is another common approach to customizing your shirts that is very appealing.

Relabeling with a woven tag is another common custom approach that helps to keep brand consistency strong. Choose from a variety of folds to create custom hem tags in this template:

- Manhattan fold
- Centerfold
- Straight cut

While fold type is important, placement on the shirt is as well. We have content that covers hang tags in their entirety and the other tag types.

The tag sizes are to-scale, so once you've finalized your design, print them out and use them as a prototype for t-shirt labeling placement.

Looking to add other types of tags as well? We have printed tag and hang tag templates too!  We also have a blog that covers the process of choosing what printed labels work best for you.