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Saving Time & Money Using Fulfillment by Real Thread

How Real Thread makes the logistics of storing and shipping shirts a non-issue.

When the Washington Post needed a partner to print, store, and ship t-shirts to readers across the country, they asked Real Thread to make it happen. Read the case study to see how Real Thread is making t-shirt life easier at the Washington Post.

“Supporting journalism that matters”

The Washington Post is one of the US’ oldest and largest daily newspapers. Headquartered in Washington, DC, hundreds of thousands of Americans count on the post each day for reliable reporting that sheds an unbiased light on what’s happening in the world.

In a time where public opinion of the media is more divided than ever, the Washington Post’s supporters wanted to do more to get behind the paper they depend on; a way they could share their support. Maybe even weartheir support.

After a spike in reader demand, the Washington Post decided to start selling t-shirts as a way for their subscribers to support and promote their favorite publication. Knowing this was no small task, they started looking for a partner who would provide retail-quality shirts and the smoothest experience possible.

five The Washington Post shirt mockups

Making Soft Shirts a Priority

Before using Real Thread, the Washington Post felt their t-shirts had room to improve. The prints weren’t very consistent, and restraints left them without much creative control over their t-shirt designs.

Real Thread’s industry-leading expertise in water-based and discharge inks provided the perfect answer to this problem. The wide product offering and soft, breathable prints mean that the Washington Post can feel confident in the t-shirts they are delivering to their customers. T-shirts they’ll love wearing again and again.

Headache-Free Storage & Shipping

Knowing that the storing, packing, and shipping of their shirts was too much work for anyone to take on, the Washington Post turned to Real Thread for the fulfillment of their orders as well.

This means hours saved every month by not having to dedicate time to packing and shipping out shirts, as well as savings in shipping, as Washington Post is now able to use Real Thread’s bulk shipping and packaging discounts.

Seamless integration and happy customers

The Washington Post’s online shop integrates seamlessly with Real Thread fulfillment, ensuring orders are received and out the door lightning fast.

95% of orders are shipped within 24 hours of being placed, making for happy, loyal customers.

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