How IMPACT Takes Their Event Swag Up a Level

How Real Thread & IMPACT gave conference attendees shirts they'd wear and love.

IMPACT wants to help your business grow. The company, headquartered in Hartford, CT with a number of remote employees, offers digital sales and marketing services that help your business succeed.

Need proof of their work? Look at how they’ve grown themselves. A short time ago they were newbies on the scene of digital marketing. Now, they’re one of it’s most authoritative voices with an engaged online community, a killer publication of online content, and for the past three years, one of the best digital-first conferences in the country, IMPACT Live.

The IMPACT team isn’t one to cut corners, so when hosting an event, they wanted to do every aspect of it right, from the speakers to the venue all the way down to the conference swag. For that last part, they asked Real Thread to help out.

Swag That Makes an Impact

Conference t-shirts are often the worst, right? They’re a must-have at any event, conference, or trade show, but for some reason, far more often than not, the shirts are pretty awful. They tend to be boxy, scratchy, ill-fitting, and just something that no one actually likes to wear.

IMPACT was aware of this issue, and for IMPACT Live (soon to be Digital Sales and Marketing World), they didn’t want to settle for giving t-shirts to attendees just for the sake of giving out t-shirts, but they wanted to make sure that the shirts they gave out reflected who they are as a brand.

woman looking at shirt

“One of the biggest things when doing an event like IMPACT Live that I look for is making sure we have swag that’s going to change the game a little bit,” says Vin Gaeta, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at IMPACT. “It’s got to be the top-level quality that any attendee or staff member from IMPACT is going to proud to wear and wants to wear time after time.”

“The t-shirts that Real Thread provided for IMPACT have been monumental,” says Shandia Drummond, an Account Manager at IMPACT. “They get to take a piece of Real Thread and IMPACT back home with them.”

Making Swag as Easy as Can Be

If you’ve ever played any part in organizing an event or a conference, then you know how chaotic it can be.

Between booking speakers, promoting the event, coordinating with the venue, working with sponsors, booking accommodations, and making the attendee signup and check-in process smooth, conference t-shirts can feel like a low priority (which may be why so many of them are unwearable).

“..the attention to detail that they put into every shirt that they print for us has made my life insanely stress free.”

- Vin Gaeta, Director of Strategic Partnerships at IMPACT

We get it, there are certainly bigger items on the list to check off than t-shirts. That's why it's important to work with a t-shirt provider who will make things easy on you.

“We’ve been partnering with Real Thread for two and a half years now, and the team over there is absolutely amazing,” says Vin. “They’re super responsive, super attentive, and the attention to detail that they put into every shirt that they print for us has made my life insanely stress free.”

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Conference T-Shirts You Can Be Proud Of

At the end of the day, the key to a great conference t-shirt is creating one that people will actually want to wear.

Think about it: if you’re putting your brand on something, whether it be a shirt, sticker, or any other swag item, that item is representing your brand, and your brand is too valuable to go on a shirt that will just get thrown out once the conference is over.

That’s why it’s so valuable to find a partner who knows t-shirts inside and out, and will help you create high-quality t-shirts without any hassle.

“We really love working with the team because our cultures sync so well,” says Vin. “They love a great t-shirt, and we love having amazing swag that makes our audience and our staff proud to wear a shirt that comes from IMPACT.”

Looking for amazing t-shirts for your brand? Whether it’s for an upcoming event or general company swag, our team here at Real Thread would love to help you get started. Let us know how we can help!