Inspiring Joy: Neighborfest San Francisco

We have an internal motto here at Real Thread: We exist to inspire joy. T-Shirts are simply our medium. Yes, somewhat existential — particularly for a t-shirt company — but when we look at the core of what we do and the experience we seek to provide, joy is at the center of it all.

That being said, we wanted to share a story highlighting a group we work with that does an incredible job of inspiring joy and creating positive change in their community.

T-Shirt Trends: PRISM by Bella+Canvas

T-shirts have been around for a long time, and it’s easy to think that there aren’t many innovations or new ideas coming out of the t-shirt world. This, however, is far from true, and we’re here to keep you up to speed on all the newest products in the t-shirt world.

Everything You Need to Know About Tonal Printing

Tonal printing is a fairly new screen printing method and a term we’ve coined in the screen printing industry. It’s an outside of the box print style with a unique look that demands your attention.

Get a quick rundown of what tonal printing is, when it’s best to use, and check out some examples so you can see if tonal printing is what you need for your next t-shirt project.

A Visual Guide to Black-on-Black T-Shirt Printing

A couple of months ago, we put together a blog post about black-on-black t-shirt printing, and different methods you can use to make it happen. It turns out, a lot of you were interested! So we decided to follow it up with something a little more visual.

Building an Employee Onboarding Kit That Your New Hires Will Love

Imagine your first day at a new job. You’re excited! You walk in the door full of optimism, ready to jump in to the challenges ahead. Then when you get in, everyone around you is heading to their desk, settling in, while you have little to no idea what to do next. Oh no.

T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt

We’re always on the lookout for the newest t-trends here at Real Thread. While attending a screen printing conference earlier this year, we talked to the manufacturers of your favorite brands to see what t-shirt trends they predict will emerge in the year ahead, and there was one thing that almost all of them mentioned: heavyweight t-shirts.

On-Demand Printing vs. Screen Printing: Which is Best For You?

There are a ton, we mean a ton of t-shirt printing options out there, each one offering something unique that makes it a great fit for some projects, but not so much for others. Picking the wrong t-shirt printer for what you’re trying to do can be like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

We’re going to break down two of the most popular printing services –– on-demand printing and screen printing –– to help you figure out which one is best for you. Knowing the difference can save you a lot of time and money.

Best Practices for Selling T-Shirts at Events

Selling t-shirts at conferences is a great way to grow your brand and build relationships. If you’re not prepared though, you might not be getting the most out of the conferences you attend. 

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