Is American Apparel closing?

This is a developing story and we'll update when more information is known.
Psst. We currently have American Apparel stock available for custom t-shirts and will have it available for the foreseeable future (though, may experience a few stock issues here and there). You're favorite shirt is still here.

Plastisol ink vs water based ink

Water based inks and plastisol inks are the two most popular inks in the screen printing industry. Here is a breakdown of the essentials you need to know concerning each ink.

How To Design A Shirt On A Budget

If you’re trying to design a shirt on a budget, this article is for you! It will not only keep you on financial track, but also save you loads of time. This list includes things such as checking for hidden fees, minimizing your colors as well as our best kept secret!

Free Custom T-shirt Winners Hall Of Fame

Each month we pick one lucky winner from our  t-shirt giveaway and let them know they won 36 free custom t-shirts with a design of their choice! Check out the past winners below and the awesome designs they've created and had printed.

How To Prep Your T-shirt Design File For Screen Printing

After you submit your order, our design team gets to work fast! They spend a meticulous amount of time creating the best high-res digital mock up for your approval. The custom screen printed t shirt mock up includes all the finite details, so you will know exactly what your shirt will look like once it’s printed. Here are 5 steps you don't want to miss when prepping your t-shirt design files to send to our team. 

Sell T-shirts Online & Make Money Doing It

Let's imagine you’ve had an idea brewing in your mind about starting a clothing line. You’ve come up with a fun company name and maybe even started sketching out some design ideas. It can be easy to sell t-shirts online, but it’s important to set yourself up for success so you can make money doing so. Here are a few pointers that will send you in the right direction.

8 Pro Tips You Need To Know When Ordering T-shirts Online

There are a lot of decisions that go into building the best shirt: what shirt style to use, what colors to pick, the print results to expect, how many shirts to order and the list can go on. Ordering t-shirts online can feel tricky when you can't physically try on, see or feel each t-shirt. So, we decided to put together a list of 8 pro tips that will hopefully help prepare you prior to your next order and make it a much more delightful experience. 

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