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How Edmodo Increased Conference Reach with T-Shirts
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How Edmodo Increased Conference Reach with T-Shirts


Edmodo does a lot of conferences each year. Why is that?

Edmodo attends conferences because they allow us the be in front of potential customers, foster our community of users and reinforce our brand.

What percentage of attendees does an average booth see at a conference?

An average booth sees 3% of attendees visit.

How about a “famous” booth see at a conference?

A “famous” booth sees 10-15% of show attendees at a conference.


At this most recent conference you attended, FETC, approximately how many people visited the Edmodo booth?

At FETC 2015 we saw about 12% of show attendees. That’s just under 1,100 people.

Wow. That’s huge. Is that number normal? What is the average percentage of attendees that visit Edmodo’s booth in a year?

Edmodo typically has 20% of attendees visit the booth.

What role do shirts play in that draw?

The shirts are a huge draw for our booth. Our users clamor for Edmodo shirts. They are one of the big prizes we feature on our prize wheel.


A prize wheel is a great idea. Is the shirt an afterthought on the prize wheel or it one of the top prizes for those participating?

The shirts are the main draw for people to line up and spin the wheel. They are all trying to win one of the coveted t-shirts. Without the t-shirt contest, we would not have drawn 12% of attendees at FETC.

How did your shirts stand up to the other shirts at the conference?

The attendees love the shirts. The quality is great. They aren't the cheap, thin, compressed shirts (that are all over conferences). They are a huge draw. The fact that the quantities are limited makes them more desirable.

How important is Real Thread to your team’s success at conference?

Real Thread helps Edmodo be successful by providing distinctive,
quality shirts at a great price. Real Thread makes it affordable for
us to continue a highly successful promotion at shows that drives
traffic to the Edmodo booth


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