Swag Strategy: Convincing Your Boss to Use Swag for Customer Engagement
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Swag Strategy: Convincing Your Boss to Use Swag for Customer Engagement

Ways to talk your boss into embracing swag and elevating your customer engagement.

If you're a fan of The Office like we are, you probably remember the episode where Dunder Mifflin found themselves divided on how they thought Michael should spend their remaining budget –– lest we forget it was lost for subsequent years. The branch had a remaining $4,300 that they had to spend on a copy machine or new office chairs. Advocates from both sides tried their hardest to butter Michael up and stack the odds in their favor. Hijinx undoubtedly ensued. 

In the real world, persuading your boss to upgrade the snacks in the break room, replace creaky chairs, or embrace new marketing strategies isn't quite as tricky as it was for the fictional "people person's paper people." However, it can still take some work to back up your argument and win your boss over. Take swag, for example. We've seen proof that thoughtful branded merchandise can be an excellent way for businesses to boost awareness and engagement among prospective and existing customers. However, the people footing the bill might still need some convincing.  

If you're looking for ways to talk your boss into embracing swag and elevating your customer engagement to new heights, here's some fuel for your argument's fire. 

Think Like the Boss. 

While it may have been impossible for the whole Dunder Mifflin crew to think like their scatterbrained yet well-meaning leader, there's a good chance your boss is a bit (or a lot) more agreeable and pragmatic. And while they might be open to innovation, at the end of the day, they're likely focused on optimizing spending and maximizing profit. Today, they're probably also paying extra attention to the culture the business is creating — for consumers and employees alike. 

With these three pillars in mind and now properly thinking like a boss, let's explore how swag factors into the equation. 

Swag Can Be Cost-Effective.

To give your argument the best shot at success, let's be frank: Designing, producing, and distributing swag costs money. (As much as we love making awesome custom t-shirts, we can't do it for free!) So, if it costs money to launch a swag campaign, how can it save money? Since you asked, the actual savings come in when comparing swag to more common customer engagement and retention strategies. Lightning-fast shipping is one of the best ways to keep customers happy repeatedly, but it's also costly. Deeply personalized experiences (both online and in-person) can also drive engagement, with a similarly steep price tag. 

By surprising and delighting customers with well-made swag (as in gear that won't be stuffed away 'till laundry day,) you can create a memorable experience for first-time customers and seasoned shoppers alike — at a marginally lower rate. Further, while we're stressing the value of swag in retaining customers, we can't gloss over the impact swag can have on keeping people. From recruiting to onboarding to celebrating, swag is a cost-effective way to show team members that leaders care and that they're an integral part of the team. Sounds a lot better than continuously shelling out money for recruiting, training, and developing new hires, eh?  

Swag Can Drive Revenue.

As a customer retention device, swag can keep customers coming back repeatedly. While this may help drive revenue, it's far from the only way that good swag can help your P&L lean more "P." By getting your company's swag out in the world, you can spread the good word and generate positive awareness. You can achieve this via giveaways or sponsorships, but bosses might find that the best place for company swag is on the backs of team members. You don't have to be Google or Facebook to slap your name on a super soft hoodie and give it to an employee. You do, however, have to be more creative in your approach. In other words: Do more than just "slapping" a name and logo on it. (Don't worry, boss. We can help with that.) 

Swag Can Enhance Culture + Promote Connection.  

Real Thread crafts swag for everything from birthdays to family reunions, bar mitzvahs, and beyond. But as remote work soldiers on, we're seeing more businesses darken our metaphorical doorway for help putting together remote swag boxes. Through cutesy hats, cozy hoodies, perfect-fitting t-shirts, or chic, branded tote bags- we're able to unify remote teams with (sometimes hundreds of) miles between them. We can communicate intangible elements of company culture and forge connections across time zones. 

While this might sound grandiose –– you'll have to decide whether you think your boss will bite! But we've seen firsthand the power swag can have in bridging the gap between remote teams. After all, when there's no physical water cooler, dugout, or sideline, you're forced to find unique ways to replicate that camaraderie and belonging. (Go ahead and use that line with the higher-ups. This one's on the house.) 

Armed with the above info, we feel you'll have no problem pleading your case to the head honcho(s). If and when all goes well, you know where to find us!

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