We are innovators in the apparel screen printing industry. We dedicate 100% of our time to using, understanding, and developing the craft of printing with water based and discharge inks. Why? Because your project demands the utmost knowledge and expertise to be completed correctly. We believe our approach to apparel screen printing is a far more creative method than the industry standard, which makes use of plastisol inks. Between your outstanding designs, the quality of our inks, the availability of print sizes, and our retail-ready finishing services, your options are truly endless.


    Love Your Neighbor

    We’re all inspired by something. Inspiration is the starting point of greatness. It’s what kickstarts dreams into the world of possibility. What are you doing to inspire those around you, or those far from you? We want to be an inspiration to those near and far.

    Create Wow

    At the heart of all greatness is a burning passion for what you do. Without it, greatness can seem just out of reach. We’re deeply passionate about great apparel, building brands and delivering exceptional experiences; to both our team and clients alike.

    Be Positive

    We choose to have a great attitude, to participate, to bring out the best in people, to be curious, to be optimistic, and find hope in the face of uncertainty and change.

    We treat water-based ink as
    more of an art than a Science
    And the result speaks for itself

    The Team

    While this isn’t the entire team, it’s the happy faces you’re most likely to come across.

    Jordan schiller  headshot

    Jordan Schiller

    Brandon baker  headshot

    Brandon Baker

    Director of Operations
    Emily wayne  headshot

    Emily Wayne

    Director of Sales
      Jeremiah bates  headshot

      Jeremiah Bates

      Director of Production
      Jake leboeuf  headshot

      Jake LeBoeuf

      Director of Engineering
      Allison riggs  headshot

      Allison Riggs

      Director of Marketing
        Kim rehm  headshot

        Kim Rehm

        Account Executive
          Senny luu  headshot

          Senny Luu

          Account Executive
          Will harris  headshot

          Will Harris

          Brand Ambassador
            Tiff kitts  headshot

            Tiff Kitts

            Account Executive
              Ashley cruces  headshot

              Ashley Cruces

              Account Executive
                Jen capshaw  headshot

                Jen Capshaw

                Lead Artist
                Ali botet  headshot

                Ali Botet

                Mock Up Artist
                Michelle lafave  headshot

                Michelle LaFave

                Accounting & Operations Coordinator
                  Emmie chan  headshot

                  Emmie Chan

                  Social Media Manager
                    Nate capshaw  headshot

                    Nate Capshaw

                    Logistics Coordinator
                      Mo booker  headshot

                      Mo Booker

                      Pre-Production Team Leader
                        Ben bates  headshot

                        Ben Bates

                        Press Team Supervisor
                          Andy torres  headshot

                          Andy Torres

                          Press Operator/R&D Lead
                            Jules fontenot  headshot

                            Jules Fontenot

                            Finishing Team Leader
                            Rachel pascarella  headshot

                            Rachel Pascarella

                            Fulfillment Specialist
                              Rob cochran  headshot

                              Rob Cochran

                                David birdsong  headshot

                                David Birdsong

                                Ink Technician
                                  Nick disalvo  headshot

                                  Nick Disalvo

                                  Production Art Processor
                                  Nick bolin  headshot

                                  Nick Bolin

                                  Reclaim Tech
                                    Danny simmons  headshot

                                    Danny Simmons

                                    Reclaim Technician
                                      Logan evans  headshot

                                      Logan Evans

                                      Press Operator
                                        Ashley rhodes  headshot

                                        Ashley Rhodes

                                        Press Operator
                                          Jose rodriguez  headshot

                                          Jose Rodriguez

                                          Press Operator
                                            Pedro ortiz  headshot

                                            Pedro Ortiz

                                            Press Assistant
                                              Helen hardy  headshot

                                              Helen Hardy

                                                Jorge jover  headshot

                                                Jorge Jover

                                                Press Operator
                                                  Lester filer  headshot

                                                  Lester Filer

                                                  Tag Press Operator
                                                    Keston cruz  headshot

                                                    Keston Hinds Cruz

                                                    Quality Control Technician
                                                      Patrick lake  headshot

                                                      Patrick Lake

                                                      Quality Control Technician
                                                        Bernice rivera  headshot

                                                        Bernice Rivera

                                                        Quality Control Specialist
                                                          Richard buchanan  headshot

                                                          Richard Buchanan

                                                          Quality Control Technician
                                                            Matt baker  headshot

                                                            Matt Baker

                                                              Leah bates  headshot

                                                              Leah Bates

                                                                Yuchan liang  headshot

                                                                Yuchan Liang

                                                                  Jian luu  headshot

                                                                  Jian Luu


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