Looking for face masks to keep yourself, your team, and those around you safe? We have you (and your face) covered. 😷
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Custom Face Mask Buyer's Guide

A guide to buying face masks you and your team will love. All to help us protect ourselves and our loved ones.
Custom Face Mask Buyer's Guide
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We know, shopping for a face mask can feel weird. We didn't know much about face masks either before the pandemic began. But we've done the legwork to help you navigate ordering the best custom face masks out there.

If you’re not well versed in garment brands, printing styles, fabrics, and different face mask coverage areas, it’s too easy to get lost in jargon and default to ordering solely based on price-point, because, what’s the difference?

But this is exactly how you'll end up with an uncomfortable and annoying face mask that will bother you to wear.

This custom face mask buyer’s guide will serve as your go-to reference for all things face mask related. We’ll cover everything from ink and fabric types to t-shirt recommendations to money-saving tips so that you’re fully equipped to order the perfect face masks.

Let's dive into how to purchase comfortable face masks that you'll love to wear as you protect the safety of you and yours. Check out the video below for a brief rundown of each mask from our CEO, Dru.

When you're ready, our team would love to assist you! From design advice to face mask recommendations, we're here to guide you through every step of the way.

Chapter 00

The Allmade Allmask

Soft on your skin and friendly to humans and the planet, the Allmask™ reusable eco tri-blend face mask is light, breathable, soft, comfortable, and good for many washes.
The Allmade Allmask in Aluminum Grey

Not all companies are environmentally focused but Allmade is definitely an exception. Starting off as a screen print supply company, traveling around the world and witnessing the economic and environmental downfall has impacted Allmade’s mindset in how they should impact their industry. Allmade’s environmental mindset has allowed them to utilize environmentally safe materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton into their products. 

We’re excited to be able to provide their mask that they’ve put so much love and detail into, so if you’re looking for a comfortable and environmentally conscious face mask option, the Allmask was made just for you and here is the overview. 

Unbeatable Comfort

The materials used in the Allmask allows for a Soft-as-a-baby feel on your skin and allows the mask to be light, breathable, and soft all at once. The structure of the masks allows it to sit comfortably while protecting the nose, mouth, and chin all at once, which comply with CDC face mask guidelines. 

Adjustable Fit

One unique feature that the Allmask has is it’s adjustable nose wire that allows for a more personal fit. This feature helps people who wear glasses have a snugger fit around the nose which helps glasses from fogging up which we know is one major complaint when it comes to wearing masks! 


These masks have the ability to be machine washed or hand-washed and they will still be durable enough to reuse over and over again. For those with the tools at home, the Allmask can be ironed as well. 

Eco-Friendly Materials

The Allmask is made of a reusable tri-blend that is made up of 50% recycled polyester, 25% U.S grown organic cotton that is made without chemicals, and 25% TENCEL ™ Modal. This unique blend allows for unbelievable comfort that makes breathing seem effortless again. 

Environmental Impact

Allmade understands the importance of taking care of the planet. So, it’s nice to know that each mask consists of an average of just one recycled water bottle, making this an environmentally conscious mask.


For the Allmask, the recommended location is the upper corner with a max image size of 2.0” wide x 2.0” high. The preferred printing option is screen printing with white or black water-based ink while heat transfer is also available, both printing options are slow and add considerable turnaround time to your order.

Examples of the Allmade Allmask's Printability


$12.20/mask for a 1-color, 1-location print at 100 masks.

Start customizing the Allmade Allmask here!

Chapter 00

The Bella+Canvas ST323

A no-sew design means this mask is produced with zero human touches. Single-ply fabric and raw edges make this mask a basic barrier and should be viewed as disposable, not overly reusable.
The Bella+Canvas ST323

Bella+Canvas has strived to stand out in the industry since its founding. From pushing women’s products in the 90’s and producing a revolutionary fabric in 2011, Danny and Marco (the co-founders) have always worked on leaving a mark on their industry. Now, Bella+Canvas are printing one of the leading disposable face masks.

If you’re in need of a disposable one-time use mask from Bella+Canvas, this is the overview.


If you’re wondering what this mask is made up of, we have the answers! The ST323 sports a two blend design with 52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. 

Mask Design

Simplicity is the name of the game for Bella+Canvas’s ST323 mask. It features a contoured design with two ear holes that accommodates many face shapes and sizes. It also features raw edges due to it being a no-sew design. 

When to Use? 

Due to the ST323’s simple design and single-ply fabric, it is not meant for any surgical or clinical setting where risk for infection through inhalation is high. It is strongly recommended that this mask only be used as a one-time use in a setting with minimal risk for exposure. 


Since the ST323 is a one-time use disposable mask, it may not be in your best interest to print designs on it. However, if it’s still something you’re looking for then we offer white water-based ink designs! For this mask type, a 5.0” wide x 3.0” high image size would work best. To reiterate, due to the low quality of the fabric, we do not recommend printing on this mask.

Examples of the Bella+Canvas ST323's printability


$5.61/mask for a 1-color, 1-location print at 100 masks.

Start customizing the Bella+Canvas ST323 here!

Chapter 00

The Bella+Canvas TT044

Tailored to fit the contour of your nose and chin. Dual-compacted, two-ply jersey fabric makes this face cover ultra-soft, durable and breathable- and ideal for everyday wear.
A large Bella+Canvas TT044 in Black

Bella+Canvas designs masks keeping in mind all health and safety standards as well as using the latest eco-friendly practices. Their mentality is to be different. We couldn’t agree more. We're here to differentiate this mask for your group from all others. Let's create unique designs together!

Check out some of the great features of this face mask:

Ideal for everyday wear! 

This model is tailored to fit the contours of the nose and chin. Two-ply jersey fabric makes this face cover ultra-soft, durable and breathable. For ultimate ease of wear, the looped fabric ear straps are made of 1/4 single-fold stretchy binding. Fabrication: 52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% polyester. It’s also reusable and easily washable. If you are looking for an everyday wear mask, consider this mask for you. 

Reusable and easily washable 

It’s so easy to take care of this mask. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your mask longer: machine wash separately on hot; use non-chlorine bleach; machine dry medium heat separately, do not dry clean. With these tips you will take proper care of your mask and save money.

100% No Sweatshops and Platinum W.R.A.P. Certification 

What is W.R.A.P. Certification? It means that the certified company takes care of human resource management, health and safety standards, environmental practices and safety standards. Bella + Canvas are doing their best to bring something valuable to the world and we invite everyone to be a part of it. 


By focusing on energy reduction, water reduction and waste reduction, Bella+Canvas analyzes every stage of their production process—taking every opportunity to minimize their ecological footprint. Their ultra-efficient dye machines save over 24 million gallons of water a week and the manufacturing facilities produce almost zero landfill.

Printability & Pricing

Pricing and customizations will be available soon.

If you're interested in this mask, contact us at team@realthread.com and we'll work with you to get an order started as soon as possible.

Chapter 00

The Next Level Apparel Neck Gaiter

A comfortable and durable 1-ply neck and face cover.
A Next Level Apparel Neck Gaiter Mask in Military Green

Next Level Apparel’s Neck Gaiter mask is a stylish multifunctional piece that can also be worn as a scarf or headband. Available in a variety of color options; the mask is designed to protect you against the elements. A comfortable and durable 1-ply neck and face cover can be worn on its own or used in combination with an N95 for an extra layer of protection. Whether you are working in the frontlines or just running some essential errands the neck gaiter will provide protection while making sure you stay fly. 

Here’s a quick overview of Next Level’s Neck Gaiter Mask 


The gaiter is made of 50% polyester, 25% combed ring-spun cotton, and 25% rayon. This combination creates a durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric that is so comfortable you’ll hardly remember it’s on.


Reusable face masks are a great way to save money and reduce waste, unlike disposable face masks which in a normal environment must be thrown away and replaced twice a day the neck gator can be reused and washed. With the neck gaiter you won’t have to worry about the cost of replacing your mask, the time it takes to receive your replaceable masks, or being wasteful. The neck gaiter is machine washable with cold water, use non-chlorine and bleach when needed, and tumble dry low in order to ensure multiple uses.

Sizing/ Color options

The gaiter comes in a one size fits all so you won’t have to worry whether you purchased the right size. The mask is available in a variety of colors including, vintage black, vintage navy, vintage red, heather white, prem heather, and military green.

Printability & Pricing

Pricing and customizations will be available soon.

If you're interested in this mask, contact us at team@realthread.com and we'll work with you to get an order started as soon as possible.

Chapter 00

The Next Level Apparel CVC M104

The Next Level Adult Face Mask is a 2-ply, washable, and breathable face mask. It goes over your nose for secure fit, and even fits over an N95 mask.
A Next Level Apparel CVC M104 face mask in Midnight Nacy

Next Level Apparel is devoted to the highest standards in all aspects of their business and the M104 face mask is no exception. And like them, we at Real Thread, are devoted to finding you the best mask from our available options. This comfortable and sleek mask has qualities that will reassure you that you made the right decision! 

Here’s a quick overview of Next Level’s M104 mask.

What is CVC?

Next Level is the originator of their CVC fabric, which is made up of 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and 40% Polyester. This fabric makes for consistent wear without sacrificing the integrity of the mask! Protection and comfort is Next Level’s game when it comes to their M104 mask.

Simple Design

If you’re in need of something quick and simple to throw on to run errands with then look no further. No need to worry about strings as Next Level’s M104 features comfortable ear loops that fit snug on your ears.

Machine Washable

Who doesn’t love a machine washable face mask? The M104 is recommended to be washed in cold settings and tumble dry on low. Also important to note to bleach only when needed. Taking care of your mask is of the utmost importance especially during this pandemic! 


Finding a mask is still difficult in today’s condition so once you do find one, it’s important to have one that you can wash and reuse on a consistent basis. Thankfully the M104 gets a green check mark when it comes to this need, making getting a pack or two to share among family and friends or to keep in rotation for yourself a great choice. 

Printability & Pricing

Pricing and customizations will be available soon.

If you're interested in this mask, contact us at team@realthread.com and we'll work with you to get an order started as soon as possible.

Chapter 00

The Real Thread Low-Profile

This is a great, simple, low-profile cotton/spandex blend mask. Great for printing on, washable and reusable two-ply fabric. Cotton, non-adjustable ear loops.
The Real Thread Low-Profile in Black

Searching for the right Face Mask can be confusing. Suddenly, we're all searching for the right version of a product that few of us have any familiarity with. While we're ready to print on all of the face masks we offer and stand by those great options, we're excited to offer the Real Thread Low-Profile Face Mask as a sleek and effective face mask with US made and a international versions!

Let's talk about some of the reasons why this is the ideal face mask for many of us:

Comfortable Ear Loops

Ear loops are sometimes a pain point of wearing a face mask. Some masks pull on your ear, leaving you with pointy ears and an unflattering look. With these, you'll be wearing comfortable ear loops that fit snug on your ears. And the soft cotton material will help you forget they're there.


In so many parts of the US and the world, face masks are becoming the norm for your safety and the safety of those around you. Up until now, you might have had difficulty finding a truly reusable face mask. This makes the Real Thread E1000USA and E1000 great for those of us running essential daily errands. If you're an essential worker who will be using your face mask on a daily basis, then this is an ideal, sleek, and long-lasting option.

95% Cotton + 5% Spandex = Breathability

One of the keys to a comfortable face mask is forgetting that you have one on. And the key to making sure that happens? Breathability. This face mask won't be a nuisance to your basic need for oxygen.

Machine Washable

With regular wear, it'll be critical to disinfect the mask every few uses. What's easier than tossing the mask with your regular laundry? Just remember, this mask should be hang dried to prevent shrinking.


For the Real Thread Low-Profile, designs can be printed anywhere on the mask. Whether it's in the dead center or in one of the corners of the mask. For a square design, dimensions can be up to 3.0” wide and 3.0” high and for a rectangle design, dimensions can be 4.0” wide and 2.0” high.

Examples of the Real Thread Low-Profile's printability


$5.79/mask (E1000) & $9.09/mask (E1000USA) for a 1-color, 1-location print at 100 masks.

Start customizing the Real Thread Low-Profile here: E1000E1000USA.

Chapter 00

The Tultex Flat

a reusable- 3 ply cotton construction with filter pocket and all around binding. Closed ear loops for perfect fit.
The Tultex Flat in Black

There is no question that in times like this, we all should do what we can to assist those in need. So how is Tultex doing its part? Well here’s how. In the midst of the pandemic, Tutltex has shifted their focus from their tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies, onto face masks to assist in the widespread shortage in the healthcare field. Great story right? Well, this is not the first time Tultex has adapted business operations in order to help a country in need.

Tultex, since 1935, has been stepping up to assist where needed and was even the official supplier to the U.S Army in World War II. Talk about making a difference, right?! Now, when the world needs them most, Tultex is providing large quantities of face masks to assist frontline workers and all who need them. 

So if you are looking for a quality, premium mask, here is our overview of the Tultex Flat. 

Filter Pocket and Breathability

Arguably, the most unique feature of this it’s filter pocket. Adding a filter to your mask is a huge benefit as not only will it allow for more airflow, but it also catches some of the aerosol-sized particles that can be harmful in the transmission of viruses. With your safety in mind,note that while this mask provides opportunity for extra protection, it is in no way a substitute for social distancing. 


When it comes to the feel of a mask, there’s almost nothing more important. After all, you may find yourself wearing this mask for extended periods of time. Luckily for you the Tultex Flat is soft to the touch for an overall comfortable experience.

Superb Fit

The Tultex Flat really is a kind of “poster child” for great fitting face masks. The closed ear loops allow for full coverage of the face, while not inducing that annoying ear pull feel so many masks cause. No matter your age or facial structure,  the Tultex Flat is sure to hug your face for security and coverage, while providing the flexibility we all desire in a top quality face mask.

Machine Washable

As if the Tultex Flat hasn’t already proven to all of us that it is at the top of its category, the fact that it is machine washable does the near impossible and outdoes itself. Talk about making it easy! Just come home, toss it in the washer, do some chores or watch a movie. By the time you remember, your mask is clean and smelling marvelous.


It is hard to ignore that we now have a new definition for the word “normal” when we speak about society. With that being said, it seems face masks will be here to stay for a while. Thankfully, the Tultex Flat which is completely reusable, is helping combat the increase of disposable masks we are finding in streets all across the country. Are you always on the go? Can’t avoid going out? Get you a Tultex Flat, friend. You will absolutely love the ability to come home, hang it up, and whip it out for your next adventure.

Printability & Pricing

Pricing and customizations will be available soon.

If you're interested in this mask, contact us at team@realthread.com and we'll work with you to get an order started as soon as possible.

Chapter 00

The Tultex FM19

This is a reusable-2-ply 30 singles mask made from 100% US cotton and is washable and breathable. Two strings tie in the back of the head.
The Tultex FM19 (FM19) in White

Since 1926, Tultex has been embedded in the apparel industry and has recently made their mark with the creation of face masks. Being based in the United States, Ohio specifically, using 100% U.S cotton and utilizing local materials was a must. Tultex’s values are ones that can be understood across all industries with consistency, value, and forming strong partnerships being at the forefront of their core values. 

If you’re looking for a premium and reusable face mask, here’s what you need to know.

Customizable Fit

With the Tultex mask showcasing their 4 string design, options of wearing are customizable and can be made to fit you in whatever way works best for you. Flexibility is the focal point behind this mask. If tying the strings isn’t preferable then you always have the option of cutting the strings to then tie and form your own ear loops!

Reusable & Machine Washable

In many parts of the world such as Asia, masks are already an everyday necessity, but now in new parts of the world especially the U.S, masks are slowly becoming the norm. With that in mind, this mask is great for reusing day by day since it is machine washable due to its materials! However it is important to note that these Tultex face masks do not contain N95 filters and are not medical grade.

Made with 100% U.S Cotton

With Tultex being based in the U.S, it was important for them to show love and support for homegrown products and materials. This mask is produced with 100% U.S cotton and manufactured in Mexico. The 100% cotton allows for easy breathability and allows for the mask to be reused and washed through countless wash cycles.

Meets CDC Guidelines

With this pandemic, the CDC has become a household term and reference point when talking about practicing social distancing and proper social behavior in regards to limiting the spread of COVID-19. The Tultex mask covers all CDC guidelines as it securely covers your nose, mouth, and is secured under the chin while allowing you to breathe easily.


To achieve the best results when customizing your Tultex FM19 face mask, we recommend printing a design no larger than 3.0” wide x 0.6" high on the corner of the top pleat. We want you to look your absolute best, and this placement ensures that your design is displayed exactly how you like it. While we can print on the center of the mask, we do not recommend it. The pleats on the mask make it difficult to achieve a well displayed design.

Examples of the Tultex FM19's Printability


$6.69/mask for a 1-color, 1-location print at 100 masks.

Start customizing the Tultex FM19 here!

Chapter 00

The Ugmonk Face Mask

An extremely soft, comfortable, and sleek face mask! In partnership with our friends at Ugmonk.
The Ugmonk Face Mask

Ugmonk's T-Shirt manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA began creating face masks in March to keep their workers employed and supply a much needed product to the region. In collaboration with Ugmonk, they've created a face mask that lives up to the the Ugmonk brand. Ugmonk is known for creating and curating beautiful, functional products. Their customers love the quality, experience, and aesthetic of their products from their t-shirts to their desk organizers and journals.

We're proud to partner with Ugmonk to help further their mission to provide a solid product as we try to safely navigate this pandemic.

So if you're looking for a premium face mask with extreme softness and fit, here's your overview.

Super Soft and Breathable

Softness is key with face masks to ensure you're not annoyed after wearing it for an extended period. The Ugmonk Face Mask has a fantastic cotton polyester blend that is not only soft but breathable. This is easily the softest face mask we offer. It's a great choice for anyone who finds wearing face masks annoying or uncomfortable.

Comfortable Fit

Because of the softness of this mask, it's just really, really comfortable. Are we exaggerating? No. We really want to drive home that this is a very comfortable mask. If you lay the mask flat it will not lay flat, more so than other masks. Take a look at the image below. This is really great because the mask is designed this way to comfortably fit your face. Even the ear loops have a soft touch and do not pull your ears.


In so many parts of the US and the world, face masks are becoming the norm for your safety and the safety of those around you. This mask was created with this new reality in mind. This is a great mask for anyone who wants to wear a face mask while going to work or running errands. We'll note here that this mask should not be used by medical workers as they are not medical grade and do not contain N95 filters.

The Ugmonk face mask is designed well to fit comfortably on your face

Large Face Covering

This mask has an excellent amount of coverage for your face. It comfortably fits below your jawline and rests on your nose, just below your eyes. The necessary protection for personal use is there.

Machine Washable

We love a machine washable t-shirt and especially face mask. Sometimes the quality drops and it's just not as soft as it used to be. Not here. You don't have to worry about that with this one. Not only will it retain its fantastic feel but your print quality will live through your wash cycles.

Made in LA

Last but not least, this mask is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, one of the hotspots of the pandemic this year. This mask is helping keep the hard workers who produce Ugmonk's t-shirts employed. Again, we're proud to partner with Ugmonk to bring work to their facility and a solid product to our customers.


We want you, and everyone wearing the Ugmonk mask to look and feel great. So for the best results, we recommend placing an image no larger than 3.0” wide x 2.0” tall on either the left or right side of the center seam. 

Examples fo the Ugmonk Face Mask's Printability


$11.49/mask for a 1-color, 1-location print at 100 masks.

Start customizing the Ugmonk Face Mask here!

Chapter 00

💰 Money-Saving Tips for Custom Face Masks

Use these savvy tips to get the most out of your custom face masks.

Custom Face Mask Money-Saving Tips

Once you've jumped into the ordering process, you may find your price tag is higher than you anticipated. Particularly if going for a face mask that your customers, prospects, or coworkers will be super impressed with. That being said, there are a handful of money-saving tips that first-time buyers might not be aware of.

Pick a value face mask

There are loads of different t-shirt manufacturers out there. Like we mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of products available — some coming at heftier price points than others. Whether it be for special reasons like Made-in-the-USA or organic fabric, face masks that look and feel comparable can have sizable price differences.

Brands like Tultex, Bella+Canvas and Real Thread Low-Profile Face Mask are great options for an affordable face mask that is comfortable to wear.

Keep color count & print locations low

In screen printing, a new screen is created for each additional color or print location in a design, which requires additional materials and labor, increasing the price of your face masks or t-shirts. Keeping your color count and print locations low can end up saving you a good bit of money.

Use price breaks to your advantage

When buying face masks or custom t-shirts in bulk, you always want to be aware of the different price breaks and whether or not you’re close to one.

Say your company has 45 employees. You could order 45 masks, but if you were to add on five more, you’d hit the 50 piece price break, which would actually end up making your order less expensive overall, and you’d have five extra masks to give out to friends or customers.

Price breaks are at: 20, 36, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 5000+

Avoid rush fees

Having your ducks in a row early on can save you a substantial amount. Avoiding rush charges by staying ahead of the game is probably the easiest way to ensure you don’t pay a premium for your products.

We know mistakes happen and sometimes your caught in a bind — that’s why we have our 2-day turnaround service, Lightning — but on the whole, being prepared and getting your order in on time will save you loads of money.

At Real Thread, our standard turnaround time is 10 business days plus transit time. And of course, when you are in a bind, we have a variety of rush options to make sure you get your t-shirts when you need them.

Getting Started

Getting a face mask order started at Real Thread is incredibly easy! Our online order tool makes it easy to upload your artwork and order online.

And of course, our team would love to assist! From design advice to product recommendations, we're here to guide you through every step of the way.