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Box Recycling and Reuse

Think outside of the box

The box that led you here was made from recycled materials, and was made for being reimagined, reused, and recycled.

Proper box recycling instructions

Give your box new life

Now this is the fun part. There are SO many creative ways to give your recycled box another life. Some of our favorites?

  • Construct a cat playhouse. Every cat parent knows that there is nothing more exciting to cat than a cardboard box. You can buy them all of the fancy toys in the world, and they’ll still probably spend most of their time hopping in and out of a random box than anything else. This guide from Martha Stewart Living will have your kitty on their way to living in paradise in no time.
  • Build a rad box fort. Are humans really that different from cats? Maybe all we need to be satisfied is a cardboard playhouse, ourselves. Either way, constructing a box fort is the perfect bonding opportunity for adults and children alike. Forts not really your style? What about a box tent—and better yet, one that only requires ONE large box to complete? No brainer.
  • Battle it out, Boxwars style. Every year, tons of cardboard-loving creatives release their angst via an epic box battle—in which they come armed with cardboard weapons, protect themselves with cardboard armor, and win—you guessed it—cardboard trophies. Boxwars started in Australia in 2002 but the concept has since swept the globe. Why not use your Real Thread box to start preparing for the next fight? 
A box that is "made for making a difference" spills out some custom t-shirts.

Practical ways to reuse your box