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Why Purple, Rock, Scissors Uses Custom T-Shirts
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Why Purple, Rock, Scissors Uses Custom T-Shirts

Why does PRPL print t-shirts? It comes down to brand and culture.

Why does PRPL print t-shirts?

Our early days as an agency were spent designing band merch, so when it comes to repping our own brand and culture, we stay in touch with our roots by wearing them. Fashion, just like design and the digital industry in general, evolves at a quick pace, and we love keeping up with trends, or setting them ourselves!


Who and what are they used for?

A t-shirt can be a memory, prize, conversation spark, or instant identity. We’ve made shirts for our 5K teams, a hackathon, fitness program, and most often, just for fun to ring in a new season. When you put a lot into culture and feed team spirit, it has a lasting effect on morale and employee retention.


What do people wearing them have to say about having them? getting one? how they feel, etc?

In our agency culture setting, each new run of designs always generates excitement. Our employees and clients are genuinely proud to represent the PRPL brand, in and out of the office, and it inevitably boosts camaraderie. The quality look and feel of the garments also reflect highly on our standards and values.


 Do you charge for them or use as giveaways?

We’ve got a variety of distribution methods for our t-shirts and general merchandise. Within the agency, employees receive a free shirt on their first day of hire, for outstanding performance, or for special events, while externally, we host social media giveaways and often gift them to clients. They’re also always available at cost from our PRPL Store year round. 

Ps, we hear you have a swag store in the office! Tell us more about that!

You heard right! Our PRPL Store is stocked with merch, from branded bamboo cups to Real Thread tees, and even custom chocolate bars. Items are available for purchase using earned company points or Square card reader. It’s just our way of keeping things fresh, and happens to be quite the charming storage solution!


Have t-shirts helped in anyway grow the presence or brand for PRPL?

Besides the culture-related payoffs, t-shirts make for great billboards and client courting and retention tools. Our caring about quality, culture, and fun attracts a certain breed of brands, partners, and career applicants — the kind we love to work with.

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