3 Ways to Use T-Shirts at your Company
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3 Ways to Use T-Shirts at your Company

1. Customer Acquisition:

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Shirts have been huge in customer acquisition for companies like Invision and Mixpanel. On their site they provide free shirts, or the opportunity to get free shirts, in exchange for contact information. The shirts are great, the offer is simple and the return is amazing. It is also pretty fantastic that their brand is being touted by potential customers. Talk about spreading the word about your company!

2. Morale Building:


Building company morale can be tricky. Cultural boundaries, age and varied interests provide a myriad of challenges when trying to build the morale of your team. Shirts stand in middle of this and provide a fantastic connecting point for growing morale. Use t-shirts to unite a team in vision, celebrate an organizations victories and provide your organization with the opportunity to rep the brand outside of work.

3. Internship Programs:

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Want to reach future generations? Treat your interns well! T-shirts specially made for internship programs invite interns into your company’s culture and equip them to be lifelong ambassadors for your organization. A great internship program does wonders for recruiting talent and keeping your company creatively relevant. Special pieces like shirts are one of the first ways you can tangibly make your brand relevant to new interns.

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