3 Inspiring Talks to Listen to Before Your Next Conference
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3 Inspiring Talks to Listen to Before Your Next Conference

Listen to 3 inspiring and informative talks about the importance of network!
“Hopefully they’re going to establish some relationships and marketing is a byproduct of that. People become aware of you because you’re there, in person. The guy that’s really pushy and puts his card in your hand leaves a bad impression” 

Designer Sean Wes and Ben Toalson discuss how to get the most out of a conference in their latest podcast episode. 


2.  When you form friendships, hopefully your intentions are not “how can this person make me more successful”. Real friendships are when you actually like each other’s company. It’s a genuine connection where you can share ideas, exchange opinions and grow creatively. Friendships can define you and what you do, they are there for the good and for the bad, but they can also open doors to new opportunities that you never expected.  

“Networking seems like a one way exchange. You have this idea that if you network with this person this thing will happen and I will have this result” 

Andy Kelly, founder of Ivy League Records, discuss how real friendships can tie in with your ultimate success at this SYD Creative Mornings talk. 


3. Our culture can have an obsession with fast fame. Sometimes “we want to be known, but not necessarily known for what we do”. Fame can get you where you want to be, but great quality work will keep you there. 

“Great brands require a certain amount of courage. You have to decide what you are and you have to decide what you are not"

Debbie Millman discusses failure, fame and how we should view success in a 140 character generation on this episode of Local Masters. 


Form new friendships, access great resources and create something awesome now!  GET STARTED 

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