What makes a “bad” t-shirt design?

Believe it or not “bad” designs get printed all the time. We’ve put together a list of 3 main areas where we see people fail at creating good t-shirt design and why it’s considered “bad”. 

When’s a good time to hand out company branded t-shirts to your employees?

There’s nothing like getting a new shirt from the company you work for, especially if the quality is on point! Your employees will feel proud representing the place they pour passionate hours into! A nice way to show you care or are thankful for their time can go beyond regularly scheduled Friday lunches and a metro card.

Why should you invest in your company with branded t-shirts?

1. They are an extension of your brand. It’s a tool to communicate what your brand stands for. They can effectively communicate a clear message to your audience! Also, it’s something users or employees will actually use. It’s important to consider the quality because like other promotional items it could get tossed!

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