Meet Digital, the anti-screen print. Utilizing the latest in print technology, our Digital screen print style is perfect for smaller orders of 10 to 50 shirts or high-def photo prints. Prepare to be amazed!

What is Digital printing?

Whereas traditional screen printing is over 100 years old, digital t-shirt printing is just seeing it’s 10th birthday. Our digital printing is a great fit for smaller orders of 10 to 50 shirts or orders with high color count images such as photographs and CMYK designs. Our digital t-shirt printing utilizes a water based ink and is extremely soft on light colored garments. Darker garments will have a little bit more of a feel to them but offers exceptional vibrancy when printed on 100% cotton.

What shirts can I use with Digital?

We’re currently offering a limited number of products with our digital screen print style. In general, 100% cotton garments are best with digital, however, blends are possible depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. To see our available digital products, get started.

Digital: The anti-screen print.

Why use our digital print style?