Our Bold ink is for that ultimate POP of ink vibrancy on the shirt! When vibrancy is the utmost importance (with feel & softness secondary), we formulated our Bold printing style for that exact purpose.

What is Bold Ink?

While our SuperSoft print style remains our most popular print style, Bold is a great little brother to SuperSoft. Our Bold ink is a high-opacity ink (whereas our SuperSoft is low-opacity). This means it’s a little thicker and heavier in feel, but gives exceptional vibrancy on nearly any shirt color or fabric.

When should I use Bold screen printing?

Bold printing is a great fit when you need the ultimate in vibrancy. Whereas our SuperSoft inks are fabric dependent in the results they’ll give, Bold is fabric agnostic. If you’re looking for super bright print colors on tri-blends or poorly discharging shirt colors, Bold screen printing is likely your answer.

Bold is for the ultimate POP!

Why use our bold print style?