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Your Currency is Failure (Inspiring, Right?)
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Your Currency is Failure (Inspiring, Right?)

It is mandatory to grow, takes effort to obtain and will always, in some way, be essential to your bottom line. Why then, are we so scared of it?

Seanwes shared some incredible insight about failure with us shortly after Creative South. One section in the conversation blew our minds. Take some time to read it. It could be the game changer on your next project.

“Fear of failure is a big thing. I would say that’s probably the top thing. Seeing failure like it’s the end. But really, success is just ridden with failure; it takes tons of failure to get to success.

People who are successful treat failure as course correction. They’re looking for the failures. They’re dissecting the failures. They’re finding out why something went wrong so they can prevent it in the future and make things go right.

It’s a mindset shift toward treating failure as an enabler.”

~ Sean McCabe |

Failure is a Currency 1.IMG_7569.JPG

Spot on, right? Keep on moving forward with what you are doing.