two ways to choose the right color for your design

Your designs are remarkable. Sharp lines. Incredible detail. Vibrant colors. Let us help you maintain your design’s color integrity with nearly 90 free stock colors or Pantone color matching. 



We’ve added new stock ink colors, giving you plenty of options. From standard, metallic, neon and foil colors, you’re sure to find the right color.


  • Specifically Hand Picked by Real Thread: These colors were all specifically chosen, rather than only being colors made available by vendors. We’ve collaborated with designers to ensure that you’ve got a wide range of options from which to choose.

  • Free Color Options: You have nearly 90 color options from which to choose, at absolutely no cost to you. You can find your color match without having to pay for Pantone simulation process.

  • Provides Consistency: You can be confident that with all of these colors in stock,  we’ll use the same colors from one of your projects to the next; providing you with color consistency.


At $25 per ink color, you can be confident that our Pantone color matching process will get you the closest possible match.image

  • Brand Specific Hues: Color consistency is critical to brand recognition and if you have a specific Pantone color assigned to your brand, we can custom match to meet your needs.

  • Color Precision: If your design’s color can’t be found in any of our stock colors, then custom color matching would work best for you.

To fully experience our color options, download our standard ink color palette and standard ink color list.

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