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20 Ideas to Try on Your Next Custom Printed T-Shirt
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20 Ideas to Try on Your Next Custom Printed T-Shirt

These shirt design inspirations are sure to spark motivation and creativity on your next shirt.

 2. Choose a free Pantone color from a list of about 90 colors! 

3. Print tags on the inside neck of the shirt that are custom branded! 

4. Download this template first > 14 free tag layouts and save yourself design time. 

5. Customize your shirt with a hem tag

6. Customize your shirt with a hang tag

7. Have your shirts folded and bagged! Keep them safe during transit while also making it easier to hand out, send to customers. etc. 

 8. Print the same design on different colored shirts

 9. Spice it up with foil printing

10. Or try tonal printing! Both equally cool effects. 

11. Learn about printing on blends and how they can create awesome looking shirts. Then do it. 

12. Get inspired. Check out these 8 inspirational design ideas before designing your next shirt! 

13. Calculate your size breakdown. Just plug in the total # you need!

 14. Go big! Try a variety of sizes to see what works best for you.

15. Print a photo on your shirts! 

16. Mock-up your design on high res photos of a shirt to see if you like what it looks like. Then try it on every shirt color in the file to see what you like best! 

17. Need a break? Send us your ideas and we can create a custom t-shirt design for you! 

18. Learn how to properly prep your files for screen-printing! 

19. Get your t-shirt as fast as possible. Follow these 3 tips first!

20. Download this Custom T-shirt Design Kit to get started!