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Supplying Your Own Shirts For Screen Printing: Pros and Cons
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Supplying Your Own Shirts For Screen Printing: Pros and Cons

Breaking down the ins and outs of sourcing your own shirts.


Ordering shirts outside of a previously made relationships is an epic hassle. Leave it to the professionals to handle it.

At Real Thread we have extremely competitive pricing with our distributors. This allows us to purchase shirts at a much more competitive price than any other buyer might be offered. Ninety-percent of the time the Real Thread will get you the absolute best price.

In some circumstance perhaps you’ve have been given shirts or have a special connection to a manufacturer, we would still be more than happy to print your design.



- Way, Way Easier for You: It’s a one stop shop experience. We’ve printed hundreds of thousands of shirts. The time and money you save is generally way more than you can imagine.

- Guaranteed Quality: Large shirt manufacturers draw their products from tons of different warehouses. We can guarantee where shirts are coming from and know the quality you can expect.

- Better Rates: Because we order thousands of shirts on a weekly basis, you can be comfortable that competitive prices are provided.

- The Best Results: We use the shirts we use because they are phenomenal. Get the best results for your prints every time with these shirts.



- Shipping: Receiving, sending and re-receiving all packages is in your hands. The shipping costs end up piling up rather quickly.

- Quality Control: If you are new to the shirt industry, knowing how fabrics will respond to inks, wash and wear can be quite the science to learn. Real Thread is a team of experts who can anticipate the problems and secure an outcome.

- Hidden Fees: Retailers that lure you in with “super cheap” shirts can push through hidden fees that end up driving your price to right where you started. The relationship we have with our distributors is fantastic. We know the prices and can guarantee them for you.

- Time: Your time is valuable. Don’t let ordering shirts eat up time you could spend elsewhere.

You have a great project in the work. Let’s make some incredible shirts today.