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Ordering Shirts in Bulk
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Ordering Shirts in Bulk

Find out how ordering in bulk will help you!


Ordering bulk shirts opens the door to a huge selection of shirts. Real Thread has the highest selection of super soft bulk shirts on the market. From the highest end shirt to the most affordable shirt, we have thousands of bulk t shirts to choose from.


Ordering shirts in bulk significantly cuts down on pricing. Increasing the amount of shirts ordered can reduce your price by up to $8.00 per shirt.


Ordering bulk doesn’t mean your order will take longer. Average turnaround time for an order from Real Thread is 10 business days.



Real Thread has been printing shirts with water based inks for years. From questions on sizing to questions of print outcomes, Real Thread can give you great information on all your outcomes. Our team knows the best fits for your favorite prints.

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Let us help you print the best bulk shirts and order wholesale for your next project. Place an order today.