Meet Fundit, our t-shirt fundraising platform!

We know fundraising can be difficult. Search the internet and you’ll find plenty of articles on the best way to go about fundraising, but that doesn’t solve the internal tension of asking for a donation without giving anything in return. 

Following up with a thank you note is nice, but what if you could provide something better while maximizing your profits and ditching the guilt?

Say hello to Fundit, our new fundraising platform! We’re here to help you raise money by selling super soft t-shirts online. What better way to show gratitude towards your supporters than by providing a really awesome t-shirt that they are going to love to wear.

Who Uses Fundit

Anyone looking to raise money can use Fundit! Here are just a few examples:

  • A non-profit raising money for a new initiative
  • A church looking to fund a new building
  • A school gearing up for a new playground
  • Individuals raising money to go on a mission trip with their church
  • A sports team needing to raise funds to go to the championship game
  • People that want to support a cause they believe in
  • Parents looking to raise extra funds in their mission to adopt a child
  • A friend looking to help another friend in a difficult time
  • PTA parents raising money for special programs at their child’s school
  • A youth group raising money to go to a conference
  • Plus many more!

Real People Using Fundit

Since the launch of Fundit last month, we’ve had a number of successful campaigns. Here’s a look at a couple of the people/organizations that are using t-shirts to do good.

Non-profits raising funds
Clean The World is a non-profit that wanted to raise awareness and funds for their Soap In Schools US Program. With upfront cost as a barrier and a need for their audience to buy online, they decided to fundraise using t-shirts. Using social media, email blast, and outreach events, they sold 39 shirts and exceeded their original goal.

Funding a mission trip
Nikki used Fundit to raise money for her mission trip with Summit Church. She went to Africa to work with Children Of The Nations to facilitate a program for children with special needs. Even after she met her original goal, she continued to encourage her network to buy shirts to raise even more money.

How Fundit Works

It’s really easy to sell t-shirts. When you launch a campaign using Fundit you’ll:

  • Work with a campaign specialist to set up a unique campaign site
  • Take orders online without being responsible for customer service
  • Fulfill orders without lifting a finger (we do it!)
  • Raise money selling shirts without waste or risk

Once you set your campaign live, all you need to focus on is sharing your story and getting people to buy your shirts. We handle the rest! 

How Much Money Can I Raise?

As much as you want! Your total profit will vary based on the product you use and how many colors are in your design. Here’s how much profit you can expect to raise using a Next Level 6010 Tri-Blend, with a 1 color design, selling them at $25.00/each:

Sell 20 shirts, raise about $150
Sell 36 shirts, raise about $425
Sell 50 shirts, raise about $700
Sell 100 shirts, raise about $1,500
Sell 200 shirts, raise about $3,250

The more shirts you sell, the more money you raise! Once the campaign ends, we will print and ship out your shirts within 7 days.

As you can see, raising money can be easy and super fun! When you feel confident in the way you are asking for donations, conversations become easier. You no longer feel like you are taking, but asking people to join you in your journey. As your network of cheerleaders, they are not going to just wear your shirt, but wear it proudly.

Are you ready to start providing your network with something bigger in exchange for their support? Click here to start your campaign now.

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