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How Inch X Inch is Giving Back to the Design Community
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How Inch X Inch is Giving Back to the Design Community

Real Thread recently teamed up with Inch X Inch. Get the details:

Even the smallest things can make a big difference and that’s exactly what the awesome guys over at Inch X Inch are doing. Bob Ewing and Drew Hill, both friends and designers, had a passion for buttons and giving back so they started a monthly subscription button club.

Over the past year, they’ve connected and built great relationships with some of the coolest people in the design community who were able to help them make it happen. Some of their button backers are companies like Mama’s SauceElement ThreeBusy Beaver Button Co. and French Paper Co. The credibility of their supporters and their insanely hard work has led to much of their success so far!

They also have been able to work with some of their favorite artist who’ve inspired them to grow creatively! These artist have designed the buttons you’ll find in each monthly pack. You’ll find buttons created by some of the best - Aaron DraplinAllan Peters and Dan Christofferson

So, where do all the proceeds go? They go back to the community to support national and local youth art education programs. Their hope is that they are able to influence and encourage the dreams and minds of younger artist!

In addition to all of their button making, they officially launched their new online store! They are offering custom branded printed t-shirts, posters and even pencils!

These guys are the real deal, so consider investing in something really cool that will make a big impact in the community you are apart of. You can sign up for their monthly button subscription here or check out of their new super soft printed tees.

Also, Real Thread recently teamed up with Inch X Inch and collaborated on a newly designed RT button that was included in a recent subscription pack. We’re super excited about this, so we've joined forces to launch the best giveaway of the new year!


5 lucky (and we mean very lucky) winners will receive the following: 

Here's how to win: 

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