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5 tips to a great clothing campaign
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5 tips to a great clothing campaign

Success isn't an accident. Here are five tips to help create a great clothing campaign.

1. Always Clarify Brand Identity:

It’s not sexy and it’s not “cool”, but clarifying your business’ identity is the cornerstone of launching a great clothing campaign. In the midst of the day to day operations, the identity of your company can get lost in the minutia of the moment. Know who your company is internally, externally and what you want your company to mean in the future. In doing so, you can identify clear visuals to represent your brand identity.

Keep your branding and stylization at the forefront. Great clothing lines like Johnny Cupcakes and Ugmonk have provided excellent examples of how to do this. Johnny Cupcakes keeps their brand front and center regardless of their campaign.


Ugmonk provides a variety of different types of graphics, but always in the same stylization. Their brand is highly evident throughout.


2. Love Your Audience

We’ve done thousands of clothing campaigns. The most successful ones are those who know who their shirts are reaching. Whether its a conference or a company culture booster, take time to figure out what your audience loves and love it too.  

Research the key elements below and begin to refine what your audience loves.

- Age Range

- Gender

- Hobbies

- Followed Trends

- Speed in Changing Styles

- Favorite Brands and Stores

3. Never Stop Researching

Research is your life blood in a clothing campaign.

Start Experimenting! Download a Shirt Starter Kit

Before you order your shirt, you must first learn what is built around apparel. Immerse yourself in what you are selling and why it matters. With printing, there are so many different options available on the printing side, you don’t want to short change yourself to one style. Take time to learn about these key elements in shirt clothing lines:

- Different Screen Sizes

- The Best Inks for your Shirts

- How Inks Respond to Shirts

- Shirt Styles and Compositions

- Specialty Services

Be your company’s biggest advocate by knowing the types of goods people are going to associate you by. The information you gather now is going to define how people remember your brand in the future.

4. Know All Pricing

Shirts can be expensive. Shirts can be inexpensive. The price you pay on your clothing campaign comes back to the research you have dedicated to it.

Find out which shirts are most cost effective based off the initial money you want to invest in your clothing campaign. If you are on a budget, you might not want to go with the most expensive shirt at the start, BUT you could go with something very similar.

Always start with quality, but know that this doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account. You can buy a reasonable priced shirt (like a Next Level 3600) and add finishing touches (like custom tags). This communicates enormous value to those involved in the clothing campaign.

5. Make Something You Love

Sounds gushy, but it’s true. The more you love the things you make, the more your clothing line is going to catch on. Find your favorite shirt, figure out why you love it and build you company’s shirt from the same pieces. You have the opportunity to make something that is better quality than a major retailer. Go for it! Make a clothing campaign you love.