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4 things to look for on your mock up
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4 things to look for on your mock up

Here are four things to take notice of when reviewing your mock up.

1. The Mock Up Reflects Opacity: Water based inks respond differently to fabric blends. Some prints will be vibrant bright and others will have a warm vintage feel. Our mock ups will reflect that. If you want something brighter or more vintage let your account executive know.

2. Design Registration: The placement of your design on your shirt is paramount. Your mock up will represent exactly how we will print your design. As your shirt goes through the print process, we will refer to the mock up to assure that the design is placed exactly as you imagine.

3. Tag Placement: Tags are a perfect finishing touch, but can sometimes be overlooked. Make sure to review that all your design details and information are correct before you approve your mock up.

4. Each Mock Up is a Great Estimate: Screen printing is a craft and using water based inks is a very specialized version of this craft. Our mock ups provide very good estimates of your shirt outcome. If you have strict particulars and need exact answers, ask your account executive directly.

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