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4 brands that are using shirts & winning big
T-Shirt Trends
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4 brands that are using shirts & winning big

While there are many materials out there to promote a brand, few have had the effectiveness and reach than that of shirts. Below are four ways how and examples that follow.

1. Immediate Connection: Few things are as universal as a t-shirt. They cross all cultural barriers, all economic lines and all social constraints. Everyone has their favorite shirt and a story to go along with it. Nothing connects someone to your brand better than an incredible t-shirt.


People adore this shirt. A sense of nostalgia and need surrounds it. We are constantly asked where to order the shirt and the brand it is associated with. People are always shocked when we tell them that PRPL, an incredible digital creative agency, made these just for their employees.

PRPL understands the significance of connecting their employees to their brand culture through shirts and it has spread like wildfire.

2. Constant Presence: Shirts, once worn, are a constant reminder of the brand that is attached to it. Each time someone wears your shirt, they are reminding themselves and the people around them of your brand.


Wondermade launched from Orlando in silence. They quietly crafted the best marshmallows in the world. As the word on bourbon marshmallows spread, companies like Uncrate, Gizmodo and Martha Stewart all featured them.

Their shirt served as a calling card for their fans and for those looking to find out about them. People who wore these shirts found themselves constantly sharing the story of Wondermade, bourbon marshmallows and their sweet empire.

3. Culture Melding: Your shirt, once incorporated into someone’s wardrobe, becomes a part of their culture. It crosses from an experience into experiences. The shirt influences the culture of the person and the people they surround themselves with.


Digital Ocean has made one of our favorite all over prints ever. Shirts like this quickly find their way into people’s wardrobes. It transcends one event and makes its way into multiple experiences, constantly connecting people back to the company.

4. Story Kindling: Shirts give permission to share stories and relive incredible experiences. Great brands with fantastic shirts provide individuals with the opportunity to share stories around brands.

burned screen printing screen

This Spring, Creative South hosted one of the best design conferences in the southeast. To kick off the event, they hosted live screen printing. Hundreds of people gathered to print shirts and celebrate. Each shirt is a reminder of the incredible event and the relationships from it.

Equip people to tell your story. Start your shirt today!