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10 Ideas for Great Swag
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10 Ideas for Great Swag

Get some great conference swag ideas here to share with friends, coworkers, or social media.

Swag can be shared with friends, lorded over co-workers and blasted on social media. Here are 10 Conference Swag Ideas to Make Your Swag Rule.

1. Photo Inception Swag: Put a photo on your shirt. Draw people in. Cause an internet meme.


2. Foil: Humans love hoarding and sharing shiny things. From gold to gadgets, a shining surface is a bold exclamation in a matte world.


3. Vary Your Perspective: Think differently. Find the values of the conference and lean in at a different angle.

4. Glow in the Dark: Make your shirt a flashlight. People will freak out.


5. Great Design: If your design is bad, people won’t use your swag. Use our artists or check out some of the incredible talent on Dribbble to help build a killer design.

6. Burnout: Give people the most breathable shirt they own. Using burnout ink, remove cotton from the fabric.


7. Finish Strong: The concept may be great, the preparation may be present, but don’t let yourself bail at the end. Finish strong. Get whatever finishing touches you need to make this swag memorable.

8. Give Them Magic: Ever seen a shirt change color before your eyes? Get temperature changing inks and provide people with a trick to share.  

9. “Woah” Tags: Your company is the top of its class, right? Putting custom tag or hem tag on shirts is a solid move to establish yourself as that.


10. Listen: This is key to all good swag. Take time to really take in what the conference represents. Give people something that they want to “listen” to. Make it simple, make it memorable and make it beautiful.

Big thanks to Tina Roth from for starting this conversation on Twitter!