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Inside-Out Printing
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Inside-Out Printing

Exactly what it sounds like. We turn the shirt inside-out and print on the inside of your shirt for a unique, faded finish.

The process involves turning the shirt inside-out and literally printing on the inside of the shirt. The result is a unique, heathered appearance that appears to be genuinely vintage. This is a great effect if you're looking for an innovative and unique t-shirt screen printing style.

Disclaimer: Real Thread no longer offers inside-out printing. However, if you'd like to achieve a similar-looking print effect, talk to our team! We'd love to help you achieve the look of an inside-out print, without the added complication.


You can print as many colors as you want, but we do recommend big and bolder designs to achieve an exceptional effect. Small, fine details (text included) may have reduced clarity on inside-out prints.

Best Shirt Colors

To get the most definition, we suggest using lighter colored garments. Keep in mind, the results vary from fabric to fabric, which is part of the charm. The outcome is more favorable on 100% cotton garments, but it can be done on blends as well.


Turnaround time: