Funded Campaign: Nikki Raised Money Selling T-shirts For Her Mission Trip
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Funded Campaign: Nikki Raised Money Selling T-shirts For Her Mission Trip

One of our favorite annual traditions: recapping the year's t-shirt design trends!

After 5 years, Nikki decided it was time to return to Africa with Summit Church on a mission trip. To go on this trip, Nikki has to raise $4000 in just 3 months.

her goal is met, she’ll serve alongside Children Of The Nations to create and facilitate a program for children who have special needs along with their families and caregivers.

Besides trying out traditional methods like support letters to raise money, Nikki landed on the idea of selling t-shirts to raise the rest of her funds.

Like most people, Nikki thought asking for donations would be difficult. However, giving back to her supporters by providing a wearable keepsake was the perfect way to combat that internal tension.

“Some people feel weird about giving and not getting something tangible in exchange,” says Nikki. “Selling shirts is a perfect way for someone to support me, and get something in return.”

Surrounded by a large network, Nikki reached out to her friend and designer Ashley Heafy to create a meaningful t-shirt design that would resonate with her supporters.

“I have a tattoo on my arm saying “Love Anyway” and the reason behind my fundraising is I am going on a trip to coordinate a special needs camp for kids in Malawi, Africa,” says Nikki of her t-shirt design.

“Love Anyway is a great reminder to love without pause — love regardless of circumstances, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I believe in our political climate, it’s a value a lot of people forget to instill. So now, people can wear it across their chest.”

After landing on her personal motto as the inspiration, Nikki took it to social media to see what her network would like the best. She used Instagram Stories to take a vote! Before her campaign was ever live, people were already excited to be apart of her journey.

After the votes came in, Nikki worked with a Fundit campaign specialist to set up her unique campaign page right away. Landing on $25.00 per shirt as the selling price, Nikki knew if she sold 20 shirts that would give her the boost she needed to meet her goal!

Once her page was live, Nikki continued to bring awareness to her campaign using social media as the main tool to reach friends and family about her passion to serve children in Africa. Soon after posting, friends started sharing her story and her shirts sold fast. Her campaign even started to gain momentum beyond her own network.

“It’s always interesting when you’re fundraising the people who give,” says Nikki. “The people I expect to contribute no questions asked (family, close friends, etc.) aren’t usually the first to step up, and then ones who step up immediately always surprise you.”

Like Nikki experienced, social media can be a powerhouse for bringing awareness to your campaign. The more she shared, the more shirts she sold. There are a number of statistics to showcase how people are using social media and the best way to tap into that.

After 3 weeks Nikki successfully funded her campaign, selling a total of 27 shirts and raising about $200 for her trip!

If you’d like some advice about raising money selling t-shirts, let us know! Whether you’re going on a mission trip, raising money for a cause, or simply have a cool shirt idea, we’d love to help you get started. Send an email to to speak with a campaign specialist to get started!