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Black Lives Matter

Here's what we're doing

The senseless injustice of George Floyd’s death has left the Real Thread team, like so many others, deeply disturbed. We want to honor George Floyd’s life, as well as stand up against racial inequality.

One of our core values is “love your neighbor” and we firmly believe that treating each other with love and respect includes seeing the best in one another.

As an organization, we've been wrestling with how we can help in this situation and what we can do. Helping generally comes down to resources and ability.

For us, as an organization, our resources and abilities are centered around t-shirts. We know t-shirts are an incredibly effective medium for raising visibility and awareness for brands and movements, as well as raising money to support them.

For many of you, your abilities and resources are passion, reach, creativity, and mobilization. You have a burning desire to help, to act, to unite or inspire people, or to raise money to help organizations who are fighting the good fight right now.

In combining our resources and abilities, we know we can do some incredible good together. That being the case, we want to partner with those of you who want to raise awareness and money through the power of t-shirts.

Although our Campaigns feature is generally used to create profit for the Campaign creator, we want to shift that purpose right now and turn profit into donation dollars.

Starting today, all profit generated by a campaign started from this page will go to the campaign creators organization of choice. The calculator below shows the donation value creation potential through a campaign.

For those who want to help, to do something, to make a difference right now through the power of print, let's do this! We can do far more together than we can on our own.

Get started here.

If you sell 100 shirts

at $29 a piece

Total donation


The total donation above is based on a 1-3 color print on our premium US made 100% organic cotton t-shirt or our recycled poly, US grown organic cotton tri-blend shirt. Actual donation amount will vary based on your campaign variables.

Organizations being supported

Campaign creators can choose from any one of the below six organizations to support with your t-shirt campaign. 100% of the donation value created from the Campaign (as the above calculator shows) will be sent on your behalf once the campaign has ended.

Here's how it works

Choose an organization from above that your donation will be sent to, then simply pick a shirt, send us your design, and we'll create a selling page for you. All you do is promote the page to your community and encourage them to support the cause you picked by purchasing a shirt. All with zero risk.

We do the rest: collect payment, get sizes, print, and ship! From there we will make a donation on your behalf to the organization you supported. Start raising money now!
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Step 2
Step 3 *
Step 4
* The length of your campaign will be 5 days.

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